Labour Party Accuses APC of Orchestrating Dissent to Undermine Party Unity

The Julius Abure-led National Working Committee (NWC) of the Labour Party (LP) has made a startling revelation, accusing the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) of masterminding efforts to sow discord within the party. In a press conference held at the LP’s National Secretariat in Abuja, Malam Umar Farouk, the National Secretary of the LP, outlined the alleged scheme orchestrated by the APC to destabilize the Labour Party’s unity.

The LP’s National Secretary, Farouk, asserted, “We are fully cognizant of the underhanded strategy employed by the ruling party to create chaos within the Labour Party, aimed at disrupting our prospects in the upcoming Imo State Governorship Election.”

He emphasized the necessity of the press conference to clarify the situation amid misinformation being spread by expelled party members who defied the LP’s decisions and are now misrepresenting the party’s achievements.

Farouk conveyed, “The Labour Party garnered considerable success during the recent general election, gaining prominence and recognition among the Nigerian populace. This success, much to the chagrin of established political parties, placed the ruling party’s ascendancy to power in direct contrast with the Labour Party’s performance.”

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The LP official pointed out the efforts by the ruling party to subdue the LP’s influence. “To weaken the Labour Party’s standing, the ruling party has employed a range of strategies, including funding insurrection among certain former suspended party members, such as Lamidi Apapa and his associates.”

He continued, “Their mission was to hinder any progress within our party. These well-financed dissidents aimed to mislead the legal system and media outlets, attempting to pressurize our party leadership. Despite their endeavors, all their attempts have faltered. Recently, the Court of Appeal in Benin City upheld Julius Abure as the National Chairman of the Labour Party.”

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Farouk went on to explain, “Just yesterday, the Court of Appeal in Owerri, sitting in Abuja, issued a verdict on a case brought forth by Basil Maduka, one of the two aspirants deceived by the Apapa group into participating in their unauthorized primaries. The Court ruled that the status quo should remain, confirming Senator Athan Achonu as the legitimate nominee for the 2023 Imo governorship election.”

He clarified, “It is important to note that this ruling has no bearing on the leadership of the Labour Party or the candidacy of Senator Athan Achonu, who emerged from a duly conducted primary organized by the Abure-led NWC.”

In the face of these intricate legal proceedings, the Labour Party is steadfast in its commitment to the electoral process and maintaining the party’s unity against alleged external interference.

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