Labour Party Plotting Political Coup Against APGA In Anambra


By Hon. Clem Aguiyi

It worries me that the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has already conceded the upcoming 2023 election to a certain opposition party and candidate without a fight.

Who in the halls of power would do such a thing? It is unforgivable that leaders of APGA are taking political advice from their most dangerous opponent, whose sole goal is to dismantle and devastate the party. Those that used the party to climb into prominence only to abandon it will not think twice at strangling it if they find the opportunity.

This opinion is directed to the APGA family to serve as a gentle reminder to them that our late leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu gave APGA to the ndi-Igbo as a political platform. The cockerel represents the party ‘a symbol’ and it’s a deliberate choice.

Now it appears that we have moved away from the spiritual guidance and values of our late leader in favour of an experiment completely strange to our Igbo spirituality.

Traditionally, APGA is strong in Anambra. The most dramatic sway that ever happened was in favour of PDP. APGA in Anambra needs to wake up to reality. It’s either APGA first or APGA dies. I recently attended an event of purported APGA supporters, at which several speakers discussed the upcoming General Election. To my dismay, the attendees did not seem particularly enthusiastic about their party and its candidates, leading me to conclude that they have quietly conceded the 2023 election.

They were nice to the other side, but harsh in their criticism of their own candidates. In fact, they spiritedly argued why they would vote for a specific presidential candidate while ignoring their primary responsibility to their own party. I’m not arguing that civility should be abandoned in the name of politics. Certainly, politicians should work to improve their level of civility, but there’s a huge gap between civility and being nice.

My point is that being nice or taking it easy with an intimidating opponent will not help you win an election. If you don’t throw some serious jabs, you’ll go down in defeat. You can also tell you’re about to lose a potentially winnable election if you listen to or follow the counsel of your opponent. Fighting with only one hand rarely ends well. You win by throwing everything you have at the problem, and that includes using and maximizing all of your available resources and sparing no chance.

For the purpose of clarity; by joining a political party, you take on the role of a partisan, a member of the political family whose primary responsibility is to help that family’s candidates get elected and form the government. Members of a political party have an obligation to help their party win elections by working to advance the party’s agenda and by casting their votes in favour of that party, without subtracting a single kobo.

I am an advocate for issue-based politics, which emphasizes finding common ground, offering concessions, and settling disputes through discussions and compensation. The existence of an agreement between APGA and any political party would be comprehensible. So far as I am aware, APGA has not agreed to give up her ability to vote for any of her candidates in states where the party has fielded candidates.

The last time I checked, the party has fielded a presidential candidate for the 2023 election and also candidates in all levels of government in Anambra State in particular. Despite the absence of physical weapons, the tactics and results of an election are strikingly comparable to those of a conventional battle. You either win or fail. Election isn’t a beauty pageant, where there are runners up. APGA candidates in Anambra and the South East should brace themselves for a huge showdown, I warn.

Both they and their supporters need to get into the mindset that they’ll have to fight hard for every single vote. They should know that many candidates whose approach to the election is to be nice and play safe with their opponents end up being finished.

The South West Alliance for Democracy (AD) leadership learnt this the hard way when they kowtowed to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who happens to be their son despite being the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP’s) presidential candidate. Obasanjo didn’t only take the presidential votes from the South West, he took everything and wiped out AD.

The only exception was the governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, who is currently running for president as a member of the APC. Tinubu survived the Obasanjo coup against AD because he refused to be swallowed. In 2019, APGA in Anambra also fell victim to a similar plot, but its members apparently did not learn their lesson. You just cannot have your cake and eat it too.

A child cannot be poked in the eyes twice with the same stick. I expect APGA not to repeat the same error it made in 2019 that caused it to struggle to win the House of Assembly election. I simply pray they realised how dangerous it is to be helpless or go into an election working for the success of your worst nightmare. Given the situation on the ground, I cannot say that I am pleased with how the party is being led in the local areas. They seem unconcerned about the forthcoming general elections. They didn’t have the drive or determination of a group that is desperate for success.

They don’t care much about their party, and they aren’t eager to support their presidential candidate and other candidates. A party leader told me that he is not backing the party’s presidential candidate because the latter has no chance of winning the election. A candidate stands a good chance of being elected if the party rallies behind him and doesn’t leave him to stand alone. If APGA does poorly in the Anambra Nation- al elections, it could have repercussions.

It could even have an adverse effect on the outcome of the election for the House of Assembly. If APGA doesn’t do well in the House of Assembly election, the governor may have trouble implementing democratic reforms. This implies he will be unable to implement his plans for improving the state of Anambra economically and socially.

This means that his plans for economic growth and prosperity will be put on hold. As a result, all progress accomplished thus far will be undone, and the final destruction of APGA will commence in full gear.

Anambra has made great strides under APGA rule, and the Igbo have high hopes in the party, especially with the leadership of Prof. Charles Soludo. Those who rose to power on the party’s coattails have betrayed us with their betrayal of the cause. Those who have betrayed our basic principles are now demanding blind obedience from us.

They demand that we do what we are told and not use our own judgment. That’s what they mean by obidient. By ‘obidient’, what they really want is for you to switch to voting for their choice candidates instead of the one you support, otherwise you are blackmailed as not being Igbo enough.

APGA leaders should wake up and stand against being bullied and harassed because nobody in their right mind would store an inventory of their products in a warehouse in an effort to boost sales of their rivals in a competitive market place. If the party leadership and their candidates don’t change strategy, I’m willing to bet that APGA will lose Anambra State to the Labour Party.

If the party does not win majority votes in Anambra in 2023, it might as well start the burial services of the party now.

All APGA faithful will need to be strong and confident on their feet if they want to win. They need to get beyond being ashamed of campaigning for their candidates or apologetic for not being Obidient.

Those with a lack of competitive drive and a lack of winning strategy have no place in this election. One must be brave and daring to have a winning mentality. A winning mindset is one that can pull triumph out of the lion’s jaw. This opinion is a wakeup call!


DISCLAIMER: Opinions and articles are solely the responsibility of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers of Daily News Reporters.

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DISCLAIMER: Opinions and articles are solely the responsibility of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers of Daily News Reporters.

ADVERT/PUBLICATION: Reach the right people at the right time with Daily News Reporters. Try and advertise any kind of your business to users online today. Kindly call or WhatsApp us for your advert or publication on +2348037097936


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