Before you rule out all I have to say, just know I am not a card carrier of the Labour Party but trying to just share my thoughts and understanding of things as they unfold.

The Labour Party happens to be the party we Obi-Dients have adopted to achieve our dream of a great Nigeria. The major reason I share this thought is to address the confusion of many assuming that we Obedients could vote for any candidate in any political party; that would be counter-productive to the main objective of the movement. Don’t get me wrong, we are entitled to vote whosoever we wish, but as a movement, we must move as one body to achieve the new Nigeria that we all want.

A few days ago Peter Obi appeared in Arise News and I believe a good number of us didn’t pay attention to the most important comment and idea he shared in that interview. Peter Obi mentioned a retreat that would be organized for the elected officers under the Labour Party and this retreat would be focused on training and guiding officers on what their responsibilities are, teaching them what governance is all about and how their decisions would impact the common man on the street. Honestly, this is what a political party should be about, but unfortunately, the dominant political parties in Nigeria have failed us, as they have failed to compel their members to make the people feel the dividends of democracy.

Every elected officer under the Labour Party knows that the people are responsible for their emergence at the polls and would owe allegiance to none but the electorates. The Labour Party has changed the narrative by giving back power to the people and making them realize they truly have a say in how political decisions affect them. The Labour party is still at that formative point where nation-building and a patriotic mindset could be instilled as an ideology. This could not be said of the two political parties that have ruled the country since 1999. After more than 20 years, politicians are still campaigning with road networks, electricity, and making food available and affordable for all, we are still battling with quality education and a quality healthcare system. The dominant parties have failed to put the country on that trajectory that would propel us as a developing country with great potential.


So regardless of your intentions and capabilities as a political aspirant, such dysfunctional parties without ideologies to drive their members, who consequently would end up distracted with transactional politics that leave but a few selected fulfilled. The parties have been structured to not be people-centered and such a structure affects whosoever comes under their umbrella regardless of best intentions.

I maintain strongly that come the 18th of this month, let’s all vote for the Labour Party wherever they filled a candidate, for it is obvious that a structureless party could only be triumphant by the mercy of the electorates.

My fellow Obi-Dients, Labour Party is not only about Peter Obi but a platform that has been positioned to take back the country from the hands of the same people that have stagnated the growth of our dear nation. As Peter Obi fights to reclaim his mandate through the judicial process, the only way to prove to the world that the Labour party won the just concluded election, would be to rally round all candidates under the party to ensure their victory come the 18th of March. We must join forces to make a resounding noise that would reecho in the history of our dear nation. It is a thing of joy that in our time we are blessed with the opportunity to make things right and I would be proud to leave such a tale for posterity.

Vivre La Revolution!!!

Vivre Obi-Dient Movement!!!!


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