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Medical Guild Reveals Negligence in Fatal Elevator Accident, Demands Justice and Improved Safety Measures

The Medical Guild has uncovered shocking negligence in the tragic elevator accident that claimed the life of Dr. Diaso Vwaere. An investigation revealed that the contractor responsible for the malfunctioned elevator installation lacked the necessary certification for such work.

Dr. Sa’eid Ahmad, Chairman of the Guild, disclosed the findings during a news conference. The contractor, Orivac Engineering, possessed a general engineering qualification but lacked experience in elevator installation and maintenance.

The elevator failed during its commissioning in June 2021, with the contractor blaming inadequate power supply from the generator used for the commissioning. Furthermore, the elevator’s regular maintenance was not conducted as required.

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The Guild insists that those responsible for the shoddy installation must face legal consequences, including the contractor and installers. Additionally, they appeal to the Lagos State Government to replace the elevator with a new one installed by certified professionals and ensure regular maintenance.

The Guild also urges for the immortalization of Dr. Diaso Vwaere to honor her memory, and they extend their support to her grieving family.

Meanwhile, the incident has sparked protests and strikes among medical professionals in Lagos. The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) directed doctors at three government hospitals on Lagos Island to embark on an indefinite strike, while others were advised to scale down activities in respect of their late colleague.

The tragedy highlights the urgent need for improved safety measures in hospital infrastructures, particularly elevators, to prevent such avoidable accidents in the future.

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