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Minister of Works David Umahi Vows to Engage Cement Manufacturers in Price Reduction Dialogue

Sack Gov Umahi
Gov Umahi

In a commitment to address concerns surrounding the soaring cost of cement in Nigeria, Senator David Umahi, the Minister of Works, has pledged to engage in discussions with cement manufacturers aimed at lowering the prices of their products. Speaking during an appearance on the channel television programme “Sunrise Daily,” the minister emphasized the need for productive dialogue and collaboration to find feasible solutions to the issue.

Umahi acknowledged that contractors have raised alarms about the exorbitant price of cement within the country, asserting that some have even suggested that importing cement could prove to be a more cost-effective alternative. The minister expressed his intent to analyze the figures in depth, comparing the cost of imported cement to the prices offered domestically by manufacturers.

“We have to help the cement industries, but they also have to be reasonable with us if we are going to be patronizing them,” Umahi stated. He emphasized the importance of a balanced approach that supports both local industries and the interests of those involved in construction projects.

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The minister championed the utilization of concrete technology as a means to enhance the longevity of roads, affirming, “It’s going to make our roads last for a minimum of 50 years.” This approach aligns with the broader goal of ensuring infrastructure durability and sustainability.

Furthermore, Umahi highlighted the readiness of President Bola Tinubu’s administration to allocate funds for the construction of high-quality roads across the nation. He shared insights into the administration’s efforts to explore ways to optimize costs and streamline construction processes. The minister underlined the importance of collaboration between contractors and government authorities, leveraging their collective engineering expertise to benefit the nation.

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“We are looking at the figures, but it looks like a lot of contractors are not willing,” Umahi acknowledged, but he remained resolute in his determination to inspire change and collaboration in the industry. He reinforced the message that the administration is committed to protecting manufacturers’ profit margins while simultaneously striving to develop enduring road infrastructure.

In conclusion, the minister affirmed, “Let’s help Nigeria, let’s build a road that will last, and the funny thing is that the government—the President will give out the money.” This sentiment underscores the collaborative spirit driving the efforts to enhance infrastructure, affordability, and sustainability in the country.

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