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Mkpuru Mmiri Menace – Just A Case Of Reaping What We Sowed



By Tai Emeka Obasi.

I warned when we started accepting illicit drug trade as a way of life. But as usual, no one would listen because it was coming from Tai.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. I’m not trying to castigate anyone for whatever lifestyle he chooses or any business he wishes to indulge in. Personally, I will never willingly involve myself with anything that would break the law. On the other hand, whoever chooses that kind of lifestyle has made a choice.

However, for very good reasons, every government in the world has hard drugs as an illegal practice. Sentences against indulgence range from long spells in jail to ultimate death penalties across global communities. So it’s a risk whoever decides to involve himself knows exactly the awaiting penalties. Who am I then to condemn a choice one made?

But my worry began when such known drug lords started getting highest recognitions and awards in our society. Chieftaincy titles suddenly became their obsession. They started sponsoring and dominating leadership positions in our society. Even the churches started preaching in favour of such prosperity. And suddenly, their affluence permeated our psyche as an acceptable way of life.

But somewhere else, in a popular country where they sojourn, their businesses are destroying youths of that country as drug abuses are no one’s friend.

It is now our turn and we must take the consequences of failure to call evil by its name. It is not beyond the government of that country, after thorough investigation, to have started setting up their own cartels inside our communities to market Mkpuru Mmiri at the home base of the cartel destroying their country. If we diligently trace the originators of this Mkpuru Mmiri in our different communities, it may lead to international partnership clandestinely carried out by the same government to pay us back in our own coins. If the UGM menace is deeply investigated some of them may be traced to Mkpuru Mmiri cartels, hiding under the mayhem to settle scores and subsequently widen their trade.

Assuming this government in question is not even involved in this retributive justice scenario, who says you can rob Peter to pay Paul by destroying their youths and then using the proceeds to edify our own society? The Creator permits karma and He’s a very just God.

Take it from me, WHATEVER GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Our leadership in all spheres, most painfully from our traditional leaders, succumbed to the blackmail and cash-inducement of these drug barons to destroy our values as a people. Make no mistake about it, our politicians, the corrupt ones of course, are very much part of this assistance to these barons to turn our society into a social disgrace. And I add, NOBODY BENEFITS FROM HIS WRONGS.

Catching our youths who are merely end users and flogging daylights out of them while at same time videoing for social media drama is mere camouflage. Those to be flogged are the drug barons. How to flog them is to withdraw all their chieftaincy titles and community awards. Until we are bold enough to do that, the flogging of hapless youths won’t even scratch the surface. We are the society of today based on that yesterday when we acted rightly or wrongly.

There’s a prize for moving on the fast lane. There’s a prize for living by the sword. And there’s a reward for any come easy. It’s a personal thing but our leaders in the society have turned all personal prize tags of excessive indulgence into collective calamity. The other day they went for an embarrassingly publicised native cleansing of our community. How could they pretend to be cleansing evil out of our land while still driving the vehicles bought for them by these warlords? Nobody shakes hands with a clenched fist!

I challenge those who claim they have integrity to rise up to the Mkpuru Mmiri fight to end the menace. I challenge them to open up at various community committee levels to stop the exceedingly negative influence these drug barons are heaping on our society. I challenge them to recommend punitive measures that will end the dominance of these ‘dark angels’ in sponsoring and influencing leadership at every level in our society.

But these self-acclaimed living saints are all cowards. Most of them are direct beneficiaries of these black gangs. The few that do not benefit are afraid that they’d be killed. Yet everyday men die even in their sleep. It’s a necessary end and must surely come. The only gain to take out of life is to strive to make it a better place than you met it, better here in the positive sense.

We just have to damn the consequences of today, no matter how dangerous it might appear, and save tommorow for the future of our children. Those who trade in illegality should swim in their own world of bliss. The society should resist their attempt to foist such alien afluence on our leaders of tomorrow.

I write with tears dropping from my eyes. The beautiful community my father left with instructions to make it a better place has so terribly deteriorated that I so dread that moment of my own point of departure…what message would I Ieave behind for my children?

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