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Motorcycle Rider Turned Kidnapper Shares His Motivation

Abdullahi Adamu, a motorcycle rider, has revealed a chilling motivation behind his entry into the world of kidnapping. Adamu, who was among a group of 30 suspected criminals paraded by Ondo State’s security outfit, Amotekun, disclosed that the traumatic loss of his father to armed robbers pushed him towards the criminal enterprise.

Adamu, along with nine other suspected kidnappers, was presented to the public by Amotekun in Akure, the capital city of Ondo State. In an interview, Adamu opened up about his decision, saying, “I decided to be a kidnapper because of destiny. I don’t have a father anymore. My father was killed by armed robbers years back.”

He continued, “After his death, life became difficult for me and my siblings. Our mother could not take good care of us. Surviving became extremely difficult for me and my siblings. So, I decided to join the kidnapping business.”

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Hailing from Katsina State, Adamu admitted that the operation he was engaged in was his inaugural venture into this illicit field, and his apprehension by Amotekun personnel swiftly put an end to his criminal activities.

Sharing a harrowing account of his time in captivity, Bello, a farmer, recounted the sudden intrusion of six armed men into his residence during his evening prayer. He was forced into the forest and held hostage for several days. Bello endured days without adequate sustenance, surviving on meager portions of garri without water. His captors eventually contacted his family, demanding ransom for his release.

Bello’s ordeal was eventually brought to an end by the swift intervention of Amotekun Corps, who posed as family members during the ransom exchange. Three of the kidnappers were apprehended during the process, and their subsequent interrogation led to the arrest of six more suspects.

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Confirming the arrests, Chief Adetunji Adeleye, the state commander of Amotekun, stated that the suspects were apprehended as they attempted to collect the ransom. Adeleye praised the efforts of his team in successfully breaking the criminal chain, underscoring that the suspects would soon be presented before the court to face legal consequences for their actions.

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