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Mrs. Nonye Soludo Champions Basic Life Saving Skills to Combat Apathy Towards Emergencies

Mrs. Soludo
Mrs. Soludo

In a determined effort to address the prevailing indifference towards common emergencies, Mrs. Nonye Soludo, the wife of the Anambra Governor, has embarked on an initiative to incorporate Basic Life Saving (BLS) skills into her Healthy Living school club manual. This strategic move aims to curtail avoidable fatalities resulting from inadequate response to emergencies.

Speaking in Awka, Mrs. Soludo underscored the significance of integrating BLS skills into the curriculum of her healthy living school club. She emphasized that numerous household emergencies often escalate to tragic outcomes due to the lack of fundamental knowledge needed for prompt intervention. By imparting essential BLS skills to students and their educators, she believes the knowledge will transcend the confines of schools and homes, transforming students into adept first responders within their communities.

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Mrs. Soludo elaborated on the curriculum of the BLS training, highlighting lessons that encompass handling situations such as seizures, collapses, electrocutions, heart attacks, fractures, and other critical injuries and cardiovascular problems. With a resolute commitment, she expressed her intention to propagate this knowledge across all schools in Anambra through her school clubs.

Addressing the bystander apathy syndrome prevalent during emergencies, the governor’s wife contended that students who earnestly engage with the BLS training will dissolve this apathy, leading to a decline in preventable fatalities. The introduction of the emergency response number “112” in the state further augments these efforts, potentially reducing the occurrence of emergencies and fostering a direct connection between students and professional safety responders.

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The Healthy Living with Nonye Soludo Initiative encompasses various pillars, including nutrition, physical fitness, hygiene, mental health, and reproductive health. By championing Basic Life Saving skills as a crucial component of this initiative, Mrs. Soludo is steadfastly working towards a community that is well-prepared and responsive in the face of emergencies, ultimately saving lives and promoting a safer environment for all.

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