Saturday, May 21, 2022

‘My Wife Sold Her Eggs And Bought A Phone With It’ – Hubby


Good morning IgbereTV and all, I have been having sleepless night for a while now and a few days ago confirmed my insomnia would last longer than I thought.

We were comfortable and have been married for 5years now with a daughter but things have been rough for a while due to my business folding up and we have had to manage with the little we see from time to time. Earlier this year I had to sell some of the things in our house including my phone just so we could buy foodstuffs and pay our daughter’s school fees, just some weeks ago I even had to shamefully reach out to a popular Nairalander if he has a phone he could spare because the one I’m currently using is a Desktop kind of phone (doesn’t work without directly plugging it).

Last month my wife came home with a brand new Samsung phone and when I asked how she got it her response was that she won it from her womanhood help group on Facebook (she is very active there).

Last Sunday while arranging the room I came across a fertility clinic document and the receipt of the phone which the amount written there staggered me a bit because it’s way more than our house rent that expired recently which has been the cause of my sleepless nights. When she got back from church I confronted her with my two findings and after plenty talks and argument she confessed a friend from work told her about it and she sold her Eggs at the clinic and it was from it she bought the phone.

My people since Sunday I have been seriously weak and confused, a lot on my mind already but now I have to add this to it Marriage is for the faint hearted abeg!!!


  1. Someone asked how much …. well she said she was paid #150k but the nurse who brought her in collected 15k.

  2. She told me it only took her 3weeks of preparation and she wasn’t even going to the clinic more than 3times a week and as for medications and the rest, you think someone who doesn’t want you to know what he/she is up to would leave clues flying around the house

  3. As for the s3x part and her risking getting pregnant, she has been on birth control pills for like 4years now so pregnancy wasn’t going to stop her from the procedures….

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