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Mysterious Disappearance of 12-Year-Old’s Small Intestine Prompts Mother’s Plea for Investigation

In a heart-wrenching appeal, Abiodun Deborah, a distressed mother, has implored Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwoolu to initiate a comprehensive investigation into the baffling vanishing of her son’s small intestine during treatment at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH). The harrowing ordeal unfolded after 12-year-old Adebola Akin-Bright underwent corrective surgery on July 14, 2023.

The distressing situation emerged when medical practitioners at LASUTH informed Abiodun Deborah about the unexplainable absence of her son’s intestine subsequent to the surgical procedure. The young patient had been referred to LASUTH from Obitoks Medical Centre, located in the Alimosho Local Government area of Lagos state, on June 17. This referral followed complications arising from a prior surgery aimed at addressing an intestinal obstruction.

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Abiodun recounted the series of events that led to her son’s critical condition, revealing that her son initially began experiencing vomiting and diarrhea in February. Initially diagnosed with typhoid, his health didn’t improve, prompting a transfer to Obitoks Medical Centre. There, a ruptured appendix was discovered, necessitating surgery. Following a successful recovery, Adebola resumed his daily life, only to encounter severe stomach pain in June. A subsequent visit to the hospital uncovered an intestinal obstruction, leading to another surgery.

As days went by, an unsettling complication emerged when Adebola continued to drain bilious fluid more than a week post-surgery. Dr. Abayomi Baiyewu, CMD at Obitoks, indicated the need for yet another surgery, with plans to involve a teaching hospital’s professor. In the face of this, Abiodun and her family opted for a transfer to LASUTH, anticipating more comprehensive care.

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Upon arrival at LASUTH, a battery of tests was conducted, leading doctors to explore conservative measures to address the bilious fluid drainage. However, a decision was later made to proceed with surgery after a concerning burst at the drainage site. The gravity of the situation became chillingly apparent when Abiodun was informed by the consulting physician that her son’s small intestine was nowhere to be found. The absence of this crucial organ left Adebola unable to absorb nutrients from food, compelling the possibility of lifelong reliance on intravenous total parenteral nutrition (TPN).

Abiodun expressed her shock and desperation, seeking clarity on the baffling circumstances. The surgeon responsible for the initial surgeries expressed disbelief over LASUTH’s claims, asserting that his referral letter clearly communicated the patient’s condition and the steps taken. Confounded by the discrepancies, Abiodun implored the Lagos State government to intervene, both to save her son and to uncover the truth behind the inexplicable disappearance of his small intestine.

The heartrending situation has also imposed a heavy financial burden on the family, with the cost of TPN proving daunting. Abiodun revealed that the required TPN expenses amounted to N65,000 every two days. Moreover, the prospect of an intestinal transplant, which is not only financially prohibitive but also scarce in Africa, casts an ominous shadow over the family’s future.

Abiodun’s impassioned plea for justice and intervention underscores the urgency of a thorough investigation into this perplexing medical mystery. As the community rallies behind the distraught mother and her son, all eyes turn towards the Lagos State government for answers and a potential resolution.

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