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Naira Marley Joins Forces with NDLEA to Combat Drug Abuse, Calls on Marlians to Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle

Renowned Nigerian artist, Azeez Adeshina Fashola, widely recognized as Naira Marley, has taken a stand against drug abuse, urging his dedicated fan base, referred to as ‘Marlians,’ to refrain from engaging in harmful substance use. The musician’s plea came forth during a significant announcement on Thursday, where he unveiled a partnership with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to combat the issue of drug abuse.

Naira Marley, known for hits like ‘Baby Kingsway,’ emphasized the detrimental effects of drug abuse, highlighting that it not only poses a threat to personal well-being but can also lead individuals down a path of criminal behavior.

The acclaimed artist shared his motivation for aligning with the NDLEA’s anti-drug campaign, expressing a genuine desire to cleanse the streets of drug-related problems. He passionately implored his fans and fellow Nigerian youths to cease all forms of substance abuse, advocating for a healthier and more positive lifestyle.

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Addressing the public, Naira Marley stated, “I will like to urge my fans, the Marlians, all Nigerian youths to stop doing drugs because it is not good for your wellbeing, let’s all stop substance abuse in every form, I have keyed into this campaign to support NDLEA to stop drugs in the streets. Please join us. It is really not good; it makes you go back into crime.”

With this impactful partnership, Naira Marley is taking an active role in raising awareness about the grave consequences of drug abuse and promoting a safer, more promising future for the youth of Nigeria. As the collaboration between the artist and NDLEA gains momentum, the campaign against drug abuse is set to resonate with a broader audience, encouraging positive change within the society.

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