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NARD Dismisses Government’s N25,000 Allowance Offer as Inadequate, Vows to Continue Strike

Dr. Emeka Oji, President of the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD), expressed strong dissatisfaction with the Federal Government’s approved N25,000 allowance for doctors, dismissing it as laughable. He stated that the ongoing strike would continue, signaling the association’s firm stance on their demands.

The response came after Ekpo Nta, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the National Salary and Wages Commission, issued a statement announcing the government’s approval of the N25,000 allowance for Medical and Dental Doctors in the Federal Public Service. The allowance is set to be paid quarterly from the overhead budget, starting from June 1, 2023.

However, the meager allowance failed to meet the expectations of the resident doctors, who are seeking improved working conditions and fair compensation for their essential services. Dr. Emeka Oji conveyed NARD’s dissatisfaction with the allowance during a telephone conversation with Vanguard, stating that the strike would continue, and the association would release a formal statement in response to the government’s offer.

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The ongoing strike has brought attention to the challenges faced by resident doctors and highlights the importance of addressing their concerns to ensure a sustainable and effective healthcare system in Nigeria. As the dialogue between NARD and the government continues, the hope remains for a resolution that meets the doctors’ needs and leads to a positive impact on the healthcare sector.

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