Nigeria Closes Border with Niger Amid Political Turmoil, President Tinubu Seeks Support for Military Intervention

In response to the recent military coup in the Republic of Niger, the Nigerian government has officially closed all land borders with its neighbor. President Bola Tinubu has requested the Senate’s support for military intervention against the junta in Niger to restore democracy. The decision to close the border was taken in accordance with the decision reached by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

The Nigeria Customs Service announced the closure at the Magamar-Jibia border, stating that no goods would be allowed to move between the two countries until further notice. President Tinubu’s letter to the Senate sought backing for measures, including cutting off electricity supply, implementing sanctions, blocking commercial flights, and mobilizing international support to enforce ECOWAS’s communiqué.

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Meanwhile, the Northern Senators Forum cautioned against the use of military force to address the crisis in Niger and advocated for diplomatic solutions. The ECOWAS Chief of Defence Staff emphasized the need for dialogue, political engagement, and regional security cooperation to address the situation effectively.

In an attempt to resolve the political crisis in Niger, ECOWAS dispatched two delegations led by General Abdulsalami Abubakar and Ambassador Babagana Kingibe to engage with the junta and leaders of Libya and Algeria.

However, a former military governor of Ondo State, Chief Olabode George, warned President Tinubu about the potential consequences of military intervention and urged caution in involving Nigeria in the conflict. He suggested focusing on resolving domestic issues before engaging in international affairs.

As tensions escalate in the region, ECOWAS is prioritizing dialogue and diplomatic efforts to restore peace and stability in Niger, while President Tinubu seeks support for a decisive approach to address the military coup and uphold democratic principles.

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