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Nigerians Point To Discrepancies In Peter Obi’s Result, Tinubu’s Certificates Emerge

Yesterday, the internet was shut down after INEC released the certificates of all contending aspirants for the presidency in 2023, with the LP’s candidate, Mr Peter Obi, at the center of attention as INEC listed GCE as against the aspirant’s qualifications.

This sparked heated debates, as many people questioned why the self-proclaimed economic guru would only present his GCE certificates, despite his numerous qualifications that place him as an accomplished technocrat.

Following that, certificates of Peter Obi’s graduation from the UNN with Philosophy as his major surfaced online. Nigerians have now called the certificate issue into question, claiming that there are numerous discrepancies with the certificate that has been presented online as Peter Obi’s certificate.

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According to statements cited, Peter Obi’s GCE was obtained in 1986, while his BA is said to be dated 1984, implying that he may have obtained his BA prior to the start of his school set.

The second major difference, which has sparked numerous interpretations, is that the date on his certificate was issued on December 15, 1984, which happened to be a Saturday. The so-called CERTIFICATE POLICE, who are profiling his credentials, also stated that the certificate lacks a seal or stamp that validates its authenticity.

Some have argued that UNN did not apply a seal or stamp to their certificate in defense of Peter Obi, but this argument appears to be without merit because the certificate itself reads, ” In the certificate whereof we have caused our signatures and the COMMON SEAL of the university to be affixed hereto, as provided by the university of Nigeria Law”

In this light there is no way it can be justified that the certificate has no seal or stamp.

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Going further, the “Certificate Bureau of Investigators” claimed that the serial number does not align properly in comparison to others.

Here is an unedited explanation from the group of investigators, “It is customary that Serial Numbers on UNN certificates always have a capital letter D before the numbers, but the D does not normally align with the numbers. The D is always separated from the actual serial number and always at a reasonable distance to the numbers. e.g

D 077571
D 045070
D 059933
D 005847
However, the serial number on Peter Obi’s certificate looks entirely different. It was written D000198 without any gap between the capital D and the numbers. This is a complete deviation from the customary way UNN serial numbers are always written on their certificates.”

The investigators further pointed out, “More importantly, the certificate in circulation with a serial number D000198 couldn’t have implied that Peter Obi was the 198th graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. UNN was established in 1960, Obi couldn’t have claimed to be the 198th graduand of the great institution as at 1984?”

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Matters arising;
According to all indications, Peter Obi’s supporters are displaying a fake certificate to justify the former Anambra state governor’s university qualification without his knowledge, or it is a deliberate act to mislead the public.

In the meantime, the APC presidential candidate’s status as a full alumnus of Chicago State University has since been confirmed by the university.

The internet is flooded with pictures of Tinubu’s certificate, which includes both his certificate from Chicago State University and the former governor of Lagos State’s NYSC record.

While many have praised the Jagaban for his clear and unambiguous certificates, others have questioned why Peter Obi is deliberately concealing his results. Many believe the LP presidential candidate’s certificate is being kept secret because of Peter Obi’s alleged poor grades.

View images of Obi’s certificate and Tinubu’s credentials, which have been the subject of a contentious online debate.


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