NLC Protesters Demand Government Action in Oyo State, Some Incidents of Violence Reported

Members of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Oyo State continued their protest at the state secretariat for a second day, demanding action from the government. The protest led to disruptions in government offices, with some civil servants reportedly beaten by the protesters. The NLC members are demanding payment of leave bonuses, gratuities for retirees, and release of promotion letters. The protesters also called for the settlement of outstanding deductions and allowances since Governor ‘Seyi Makinde’s inauguration in 2019.

During the protest, some civil servants were forcefully ejected from their offices, and one individual was injured while trying to pick up his belongings. The Executive Assistant to the Governor on Security, CP Sunday Odukoya (retd), intervened to halt the violence and urged the protesters to maintain peace during their demonstrations.

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In a separate development, a Coalition of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) emphasized the importance of peaceful protests and warned against resorting to violence or property destruction. They urged the NLC to exercise restraint during their demonstrations, highlighting the economic implications of fuel subsidy removal and calling for patience as the government navigates the challenges.

The situation remains tense, and all parties involved are urged to engage in dialogue and peaceful actions to resolve the issues at hand.

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