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NNPP’s Board of Trustees Lacks Authority to Suspend Kwankwaso, says Party’s Legal Adviser

Robert Hon, the National Legal Adviser of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), has reiterated that the party’s Board of Trustees (BoT) does not possess the constitutional power to suspend the party’s Presidential candidate, Rabiu Kwankwaso. According to Hon, only the National Executive Committee (NEC) has the competence to take such actions, following due process.

In response to the purported suspension of Kwankwaso by a now-dissolved BoT, Hon dismissed the move as baseless and lacking legal backing. He emphasized that Kwankwaso remains a legitimate member of the NNPP, and any faction claiming to suspend him is acting unlawfully. The BoT, Hon explained, is an advisory body without the authority to suspend or expel party members.

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Hon revealed that a recent emergency meeting held by the party in Abuja resulted in a vote of confidence passed on Kwankwaso by all party stakeholders from the 37 states, including Abuja. He clarified that the party hierarchy, comprised of Senators, Governors, and stakeholders from across the nation, collectively expressed their support for Kwankwaso.

The NNPP’s internal conflict arose when the BoT suspended Kwankwaso, along with other party officials, for alleged anti-party activities. The party also appointed new national officers in the wake of these suspensions.

The new acting chairman of the NNPP faction, Major Agbo, noted that Kwankwaso was absent when the decision to suspend him was made. Agbo emphasized that his faction is not concerned about their decision to suspend Kwankwaso, asserting confidence in the stability of the party.

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As the NNPP grapples with these internal divisions, the dispute highlights the significance of adhering to the party’s constitutional processes and structures.

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