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Nollywood Actress Boma Tubonimi Arinyedokiari Blames TikTok Star Esther Raphael for Leaked Video

Renowned Nollywood actress Boma Tubonimi Arinyedokiari has entered the fray surrounding the predicament of Esther Raphael, widely known as “The Buba Girl,” expressing her views on the leaked sex tape that has recently caused a stir. Arinyedokiari has laid blame on Esther, suggesting that her trust in her boyfriend to the extent of sharing a nude video played a pivotal role in the video’s subsequent release.

The actress expressed disbelief that Esther, considering her public image, would put such trust in a man. She emphasized the dangers of placing such trust, particularly in an era when desperate individuals may resort to exploiting private material for financial gain. Arinyedokiari shared her thoughts in a conversation with Vanguard.

“The guy is her boyfriend. How could she trust him to the extent of sharing her nude video with him?” Arinyedokiari questioned, continuing, “This is because a lot of young guys are very desperate to do anything to make money. Esther messed up big time. You don’t trust men these days. Even wives don’t trust their husbands again.”

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However, amidst the criticisms and debates, social media users have also rallied to support the TikTok star. One user, jumia.Boy, condemned Esther’s boyfriend’s actions as “wicked,” and suggested that success often attracts negative attention. Meanwhile, another user, jeffina.lewinsky, offered words of encouragement to Esther, urging her to remain strong and emphasizing her ability to overcome the situation.

Ma_donna pointed out the disparity in the focus of public judgment, stating, “It’s how everyone is judging the lady but no one is actually talking about the boy that leaked the video. She did what she did. It was wrong but body na her body, life na her own, the boy she trusted to send it to nko?”

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Esther Raphael, known as “The Buba Girl,” became the center of attention after a video surfaced showing her engaged in explicit activity. In the video, she was seen simulating explicit behavior while on a bed. The video quickly went viral, leaving many shocked and intrigued.

It has been reported that Esther sent the video to her boyfriend, intending for him to view it just once. However, the boyfriend recorded the video with another device, leading to its dissemination by other individuals who demanded money from her. Despite the backlash and challenges she is facing, social media users are rallying behind Esther, urging her to stay strong and offering words of encouragement as she navigates this difficult situation.

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