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Obi’s Leaving PDP – A Case Of Being Pushed To The Wall – Tai Emeka Obasi


When HE Peter Obi declared interest to run for the 2023 Presidency, many cajoled him that he was running for vice presidential candidacy. Even when he was emphatic on that day of declaration that he would go the whole hog, detractors swimming in envy continued to paint different trajectories.

But when he stepped into it, began his nationwide consultations, even haters started realising that he was for real.

Nigeria has been held hostage most of the time by our leaders. But within the era of civilian rule, the masses have always been shortchanged by the Delegates.

Don’t put all the blames on our political leaders. Look the way of the Delegates who have perpetually chosen the wrong aspirants and forced them as candidates before the masses. So all the time, the masses have been presented with having to choose from the lesser evil. And to compound it further, the masses most times even go for the worst evil presented, like in the case of General Muhammadu Buhari.

Today, a man, who I continue to refer to as having come far ahead of his generation, has continued to prove my assertion right. He took the stage by storm, changed the narrative and presented to Nigerians their problems and solutions in practical terms.

The change majority of Nigerians wanted to see happen suddenly became feasible. Nigerians at home and in diaspora started dreaming – IT IS POSSIBLE.

But those that held Nigeria back, that cabal, those seen and unseen hands dragging the Titanic towards the bottom of the North Atlantic, suddenly sprang in unity to stop the new hope of salvation.

Dollar sharing started on a new calamitous frenzy. Gang ups to retain the status quo became the order of the day. Delegates for both major political parties are firmly poised to continue dragging Nigeria the way of the Titanic. An unwritten rule has surfaced – DON’T GIVE PETER OBI THE CHANCE.

But most of the game players didn’t know exactly who the man we also call Okwute is. Okwute means Rock…and whoever witnessed his landmark declaration before the Traditional Leaders of his state would have seen the eyes when he said he was going the whole hog. I’ve seen his eyes many times while he speaks and understood that day that he meant every word.

To make it more difficult for those that thought he was coming out just to make up the numbers, a support group, Like Minds 4 Peter Obi purchased his declaration of interest and nominate forms. Even if anything like second fiddle crossed had his mind, it got buried that day. Okwute is not someone to betray trust. The support group demonstrated they trusted him and he wasn’t going to betray that trust.

Beyond the support groups, he has stirred hope among millions of Nigerians across zones, across tribes, across religion.

Obi is not one to rock the boat…it would have been easy for him to accept the Delegates verdict and go home. But the decision was no longer in his hands. Those millions of Nigerians needed the chance to showcase the desire which has forced them to either replace lost PVCs or got new ones in readiness for the real change the former governor of Anambra State has promised.

They do so because they trust him. His message is simple, direct and practical. Above all, he had practically demonstrated excellent ability to walk his talk during his eight years as governor of Anambra State. In that local parlance, Peter Gregory Obi is a TALKNADO.

He left the PDP because of the masses. He is determined to give them a new country of hope, faith and trust in the leadership. He has to provide them a chance to demonstrate how much they wanted that new Nigeria. It would be completely anti-climax if this great man didn’t provide that chance.

He just started the process by quitting the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. He will soon complete the process once he becomes the Presidential Candidate of a party with national reach. The process is on. He’ll soon make that awaited announcement.

For now, know that he will certainly be on the ballot. If you haven’t already done so, go get your PVC. The journey to having a new Nigeria starts with your getting that PVC.


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