Op-Ed: Peter Obi LP Manifesto Withdrawal, A Wise Move?



One thing Obi supporters should know is that Obi will make mistakes. He’s human he will definitely do that. More so being that his party is relatively new in National politics, so it’s expected that things like this will occur.

The idea of a Perfect candidate in an election is relative as the word perfect in its pure sense is ambiguous. But then, a closer look would show a similarity of near-perfect characteristics in certain individuals.

In this election, Obi is better by far than the other candidates. Mistakes like withdrawing the manifesto for noticeable inconsistency with the yearning of the masses show just one thing, courage to accommodate the interest of ALL.

A wee digression would help us understand this point. Almost all politicians act on impulse, especially in the delivery of mandates. They hardly follow any laid-down structure. That is why as a country we never achieved any of the goals in MDG and now SDG. The last time Nigeria as a country followed through with any agenda was in the first republic where we continued with development plans left by the colonial masters. That was one of the things that saw the growth in educational development in Nigeria where most African countries had their people opting for Nigerian schools in place of theirs. After then, we never actually followed any plan.


More recently in 2015, the current administration drafted a ghost manifesto which they never followed through. The same supporters of the same candidate are here spreading another unrealistic document from their candidate for everyone. A manifesto that their candidate will wake up tomorrow and claim amnesia too?

For a candidate to withdraw a manifesto from his party until he has a clear vetting of it should show you one thing, a commitment to serve.

Renew your faith and support in this movement and never allowed reinforcers of failure to make you grow weak.

Peter is the man who will show leadership to this country. If we miss this, we will only have to live with the consequences for more years.

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