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Physician Warns of Diabetes Foot Ulcer Dangers and Calls for Regular Screening

Dr. Afokoghene Isiavwe, a respected physician and endocrinologist based in Lagos, has issued a stern warning about the serious risks associated with foot ulcers in individuals living with diabetes mellitus. Dr. Isiavwe emphasized the crucial need for regular screening to identify and manage complications among people with diabetes.

As the Medical Director of Rainbow Specialist Medical Centre in Lagos, Dr. Isiavwe highlighted the perilous nature of foot ulcers in diabetes patients, stressing that inadequately managed diabetes-related complications can lead to the dire outcomes of limb amputation or even loss of life.

Acknowledging the significance of preventing diabetes-related complications, the medical professional revealed that Rainbow Specialist Medical Centre is offering free diabetes foot screenings as part of their ongoing screening program. This initiative aims to address the growing prevalence of complications linked to poorly managed diabetes, particularly the diabetes mellitus foot syndrome.

According to Dr. Isiavwe, free diabetes foot screenings will be conducted every Tuesday in August at the hospital’s facilities in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. She underscored that diabetes foot syndrome, a preventable condition, continues to claim the limbs and lives of affected individuals, reflecting a critical gap in awareness and care.

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The prevalence of diabetes mellitus foot issues is exacerbated in cases of poorly managed diabetes, compounded by insufficient foot care practices and knowledge. Dr. Isiavwe asserted that over 80 percent of diabetic foot amputations are preceded by foot ulcers, making timely intervention and appropriate management pivotal.

In light of the resource challenges in the country, particularly in terms of accessibility to medications and specialist services, Dr. Isiavwe emphasized the importance of primary prevention of foot ulcers. The free diabetes foot screening and education program offered by Rainbow Specialist Medical Centre aims to address these pressing issues and provide valuable insight into early detection and proper foot care.

Dr. Isiavwe also encouraged members of the public to participate in the screening program, as it presents an opportunity to assess their diabetes status. Given that a significant percentage of individuals with diabetes are unaware of their condition, such screening efforts could be pivotal in early detection and intervention.

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Addressing the motivation behind this initiative, Dr. Isiavwe highlighted the ongoing challenges faced by people living with diabetes in accessing essential medications and medical supplies. Many individuals are forced to make the difficult choice between medication and providing for their families. This predicament has led to a decline in proper diabetes management and control.

Dr. Isiavwe stressed that early detection through regular foot screening and education on proper foot care habits remains the most effective preventive measure. As Rainbow Specialist Medical Centre continues to champion diabetes education and healthcare capacity building, its collaboration with international organizations underscores the commitment to raising awareness and tackling diabetes-related challenges head-on.

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