Political Drama Unfolds as Makinde Addresses Timing Discrepancy in Letter

In a surprising turn of events, Governor Seyi Makinde finds himself entangled in controversy as he references a petition signed and dated on February 3rd in a letter he signed on February 2nd. This timing discrepancy raises questions about the authenticity of the correspondence.

Speculations suggest a larger political play orchestrated by the G5 governors, notorious for sabotaging PDP at the national level and allegedly plotting against the party in Edo state. Their recent pledge to support Jagaban adds fuel to the suspicions of ulterior motives.

Despite the alleged scheming, a call is made to all law-abiding party members to cast their votes for delegates of their choice on February 4th, 2024. The plea emphasizes the importance of reclaiming the party from self-seeking individuals who have consistently demonstrated a lack of interest in the welfare of ordinary citizens. The outcome remains uncertain as the political drama unfolds.

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