POS Thief That Scammed My Mum Has Been Caught

By Adaora Emelumadu

During the peak of ‘season’ last Christmas, this boy came to do several POS transactions at my mum’s mini provision shop at home. He came repeatedly with ₦1000 ‘mint-like’ notes and my unsuspecting retired civil servant mother grew suspicious of him and the money.

The notes looked so near perfect that it was difficult determining if they were real. So my mum took a few notes and went to market because according to her, she believed market people are experts in knowing these things. There and then, her suspicions were confirmed. Because they were the new ₦1000 naira notes, she was saving them separately- just incase everyone is asked to ditch the old naira notes again. If you remember how hot everyone had it earlier in 2023, you’d understand why she was doing this.

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She got home and brought out all the monies (new notes) she was putting aside. At this point, both genuine notes and the counter notes had mixed up so she called a neighbor’s ( a banker) attention and they sorted everything. This criminal deposited about 39k ₦1000 notes while my mum transferred money to different accounts that he provided (at different times).

This was when my mum informed us because none of us were close enough to home. We planned on how to get him but it didn’t work out … however she managed to get this picture of him (on the right). It was at this point he noticed he has been made and took off. He has never returned to my mum’s shop since then.

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Guess whose video is circulating the Internet today for the same, exact crime? The same man.

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