Preserving Peace in Okija: Frank Igbojindu Calls for Unity and Pragmatism

Frank Igbojindu

In the heart of Anambra State, Okija stands as a testament to both prosperity and adversity. Home to influential figures like Dr. Sir Ernest Obiejesi (GMD Obijackson Group), Dr. Sir Daniel Chukwudozie (GMD Dozzy Group) and other notable billionaires too numerous to mention. Okija town boast of rich heritage and prowess.

However, there was a time when Okija was avoided due to insecurity. Insurgent camps at its borders cast a menacing shadow, leading to a surge in kidnappings and bloodshed. Families lived in fear, businesses stagnated, and the town’s spirit wavered. Bad elements from Okija took advantage, kidnapping their own people, leading to loss of many young and old men. Bloodshed was rampant, and ransom payments increased daily as they continued to resort to kidnapping within the town.

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Amid this turmoil, Prince Ken Emeakayi (Dikeanagbaraizu), emerged as a beacon of hope. With unwavering determination and the support of fellow Okijans, he quelled the chaos, bringing peace to a town scarred by violence. How he did it is still a mystery.

Yet, a new dilemma emerged with government directives of one year tenure for the town interim management and the some members of the community’s yearning for stability of already established security architecture which calls for an extension of the tenure. In this pivotal moment, I, Frank Igbojindu, CEO Akpoazaa Group, a proud son of Okija advocates for pragmatic solutions.

Let us convene a comprehensive, inclusive discussion where His Royal Highness Igwe Emeka Okezie, (Okaije II of Okija), Prince Ken Emeakayi (President General Okija) and other Okija Stakeholders will be present. Through open dialogue, we can reassess existing structures, rectify past errors, and forge a clear path forward.

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Why discard a system if it can be mended? Let our focus be on repairing, not replacing, ensuring our town’s safety aligns with our collective vision.

Although the Okija interim administration may have made mistakes in their utterances and style of leadership, I recommend that a round table discussion be held urgently to revisit their terms of engagement and make necessary amendments so they have a definite mission statement.

Okija’s destiny rests in our hands, its resilient people. Let us rise above personal interests, standing united in our pursuit of lasting peace. Together, we can mend the fabric of our community, ensuring a brighter future for Okija and its cherished inhabitants.

Okija is our shared responsibility.
Okija maa nma, O maara mu na gi.
United we stand, Divided we Fall.

Frank Igbojindu
(CEO Akpoazaa Group)
October 27, 2023

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