President Tinubu should resign to save our nation, says Kingsley Ubani

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

…APGA, PDP, LP, NNPP, YPP and every well meaning Nigerian/Institution should call for his immediate resignation

I know many may be wondering why I’ve been calling for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s removal/disqualification/resignation (particularly on my Facebook page) as if I had something to gain from it on a personal level.

But the opposite is the more likely case.

I want to therefore state categorically and unambiguously that no one is urging me to write on this. I’m simply writing in line with my belief and conscience, and nothing will make me stop!

If President Tinubu does not leave office after the revelation that indeed he forged his University Certificate, we will all pay a price – every Nigerian (home and abroad).

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As a tertiary institution lecturer, I already know the decay we see in the higher institution. Today, in a class of 100, you will be lucky to get 30 serious students – this wasn’t the situation when I left school 11 years ago. The cars some of my students own and drive to school, I can only afford it if I rob a bank. There is nothing to inspire most of them to follow my path.

Why is this so?

Societal Decay! Many students have lost interest in Education because they don’t see the immidiate benefit of it – this is very dangerous for our nation. But even at that they still manage to enroll in school, put in effort to attend classes and write exams, because they still consider an authentic certificate, valuable and useful!

However, that little quest to acquire a genuine certificate will be erased if President Tinubu is approved to continue in office. I wish I could say this lightly, but endorsing President Tinubu to continue, is endorsing forgery. It will cost our nation so much! It puts every Nigerian under microscoping vetting by foreign authorites.

Every single document emanating from our country will be considered forged until proven otherwise. Furthermore, it will breed and embolden quacks. The next Doctor to operate on you may be someone who forged his certificate! Most importantly, it limits the President’s capacity to govern and effectively enter into an agreement on behalf of the country. He cannot govern!

No one is righteous but once one’s unrighteousness becomes public, it taints the individual’s character and image, and for the President of a country, it taints the image of the country and all its citizens. When the revelation of such unrighteousness shows lack of the core values required to hold such public office, it becomes even more damaging.

Irrespective of our political interest, the sad fact is, we cannot save President Tinubu and save Nigeria at the same time. The irreparable damage some of us doesn’t want to happen to the President, will be suffered by Nigeria and Nigerians if he remains in office.

Our political interest lasts max 8 years. However, a damaged country will harm our children and the generations unborn.

President Tinubu should resign to save our nation!

Kingsley Ubani is a Writer, Political Enthusiast and Lecturer of Computer Science

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