President Tinubu Urges Patience and Hope Amidst Challenges, Cites Brighter Tomorrow Ahead

President Bola Tinubu candidly addressed Nigerians, recognizing the current challenges faced by the nation and calling for resilience in the face of adversity. Speaking at the launch of the autobiography “Brutally Frank” by Chief Edwin Clark in Abuja, Tinubu likened the nation’s difficulties to the pains of childbirth, emphasizing that while there are no instant solutions, a brighter future awaits.

Tinubu, represented at the event by the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator George Akume, stated, “Solutions to problems can never be as instant as coffee. But we must certainly be there… We can endure this for a moment. What we’re going through today is for a better tomorrow. Nations are great because citizens have hope. They have hope that tomorrow will be better than today.”

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The president acknowledged the challenges brought about by the removal of petroleum subsidy but assured Nigerians that the government is implementing palliative measures to alleviate the suffering. He highlighted initiatives such as the distribution of fertilizers, grains, and buses to help mitigate the effects of the subsidy removal.

Tinubu also commended Chief Edwin Clark, the author of the autobiography, referring to him as an extraordinary figure in Nigerian history. He recognized Clark’s contributions to the nation’s unity and development and praised his enduring commitment to Nigeria’s growth.

General Gowon, who chaired the event, echoed Tinubu’s sentiments, hailing Chief Edwin Clark’s impactful role in Nigeria’s progress. Gowon, who appointed Clark as the Federal Commissioner for Information, described him as a confidant and a fearless advocate for the government’s policies. Clark’s invaluable contributions to the nation’s development were acknowledged by Gowon, who wrote the foreword for the book.

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan also lauded Chief Edwin Clark’s contributions to Nigeria’s political history, particularly highlighting his pivotal role during the 2014 National Conference. Jonathan emphasized Clark’s unique ability to bridge divides and facilitate agreements among diverse stakeholders.

The launch of “Brutally Frank” offered an opportunity for leaders to reflect on Nigeria’s challenges and aspirations, underscoring the importance of unity, hope, and enduring dedication to a better future.

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