Sunday, May 22, 2022

Questions For Ifeanyi Ndulue (IBU) The Hooligan


1) you said that Ebuka Onuorah is dubious and sold Umuotuzo 180 plots of land pocketed their #30 million… Are there nobody alive in the kindred when he was selling all these lands? Ebuka is not the Chairman or Secretary,how come he went to the bank and withdraw such amount of money from the kindred’s account without the signatures of the relevant authorities

2) If Ebuka is a daft and a thief how come Umuotuzo(your own kindred)asked him to come and chair the lands committee.

3) How come your people have never voted you into any position of leadership but Ebuka has held several including political ones

4) why do you follow Ebuka as his PA and always beg him for money and other assistance but now says that he is a fraud?

5) Why do your people always chose Ebuka to represent them in many things but has never given you such opportunity even though that you are older than Ebuka?

6) Did Ebuka not build a befitting civic center for Iruokpalaenyi,rejig the security,brought sanity and unity to the village in just 2 years of his take over whilst for a long time over 35 years such a thing has not being possible in your village?

7) Ibu what have you done for Umuotuzo,Iruokpalaenyim and Enugwu Agidi?

8) If Ebuka is not qualified to contest any election in Enugwu Agidi due non membership like you said,why was he the PG Iruokpalaenyim Enugwu Agidi and the General PRO of Enugwu Agidi,what changed?

9) Ibu why do you beat your own mother?

10) Ibu if you are a good person why are you not contesting to serve our people instead of collecting peanuts and write nonsense to destabilize our dear town?

Ibu I will advise you to review your cursed life,ask your mother and God for forgiveness before this curses will destroy you completely


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