Sunday, August 14, 2022



By Ifeanyichukwu Nweke
Awka, Anambra State

One Uchem Obi’s article on the above subject matter was a right hit on the nail. Dispassionate analysts ought to know that the present crisis in Anambra PDP is a fall out of the governorship primary last year, when the party held parallel primary elections. Senator Ugochukwu Uba won the first primary with 275 votes while Valentine Ozigbo won the other with 62 votes.

The above results point to where true and real members of the party voted. To emerge governorship candidate with 62 votes in a state like Anambra and in a party like PDP says so much about a faulty process powered by illegality.

Senator Ugochukwu Uba’s 275 votes appears more authentic, as true delegate voting of a large party as PDP. Yet it was discarded for 62 votes of unknown super delegates. The real delegates that voted for Senator Ugochukwu Uba and other aspirants were the ones provided for in the party’s constitution. They felt robbed that the candidate they elected on behalf of their constituents was jettisoned for someone who was purportedly elected unlawfully by a group of people who were not elected as delegates and therefore, without powers to elect a governorship candidate.

Expectedly, when PDP lost the governorship election last year, the real delegates knew that their political fortunes had become imperilled and earnestly hoped for an opportunity to extract their pound of flesh. The opportunity just came and the perpetrators of last year’s infamy have forgotten too soon, that outside the church, a bad turn usually earns a bad turn too.

This is the genesis of the present crisis in Anambra PDP. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either a hater of truth or not conversant with the tragedies of last year’s governorship primary. The true delegates of Anambra PDP and their supporters are not happy about their loss and are squaring up to get even with those who disenfranchised them last year.

The anger of the these disenfranchised delegates, their families, friends and supporters are the catalysts of the present Anambra PDP crisis and not Chief Chris Uba or Chief Linus. I am not a fan of these two men but I do know, that they cannot be blamed for the travesty of last year’s governorship primary. They are only reaping the bountiful harvest from a decimated party in which they have become rallying points for party members in search for true PDP Leadership.

However, I do not also blame Valentine Ozigbo for the rot in Anambra PDP, which his wrongful emergence in last year’s governorship primary engendered. Ozigbo is a political rookie, a green horn, a total novice with ambition, whose ambition former Governor Peter Obi and other oligarchs, as Uchem Obi put it, rode on to impeach democratic history, norms and practices of the party in last year’s governorship primary. Ozigbo is just a minion whose ambition was hijacked by Peter Obi and co for their own intents and purposes.

After 24 years of the formation of PDP, there are revered interests, loyal, dedicated and committed to the party, as Senator Ugochukwu Uba, Chief Chris Uba, Chief Linus Ukachukwu etc, who have never belonged to any other political party since 1998.

It is foolhardy to believe that Peter Obi who only joined PDP in 2015, seventeen years after these men joined hands with others to form the party, can succeed in displacing them from the party or making them irrelevant. It is a dangerous ambition which has sparked off the present crisis in Anambra PDP.

Peter Obi was the architect of impunity in Anambra PDP since he joined the party. Two years after he joined the party, he altered delegates list in 2017 and singlehandedly imposed his crony, Oseloka Obaze as governorship candidate on PDP Anambra. Obaze abysmally lost the election and in 2021, having not learnt any lesson, he repeated the same imposition with Ozigbo. Again he lost abysmally.

My advice to Ozigbo is to shelve writing letters and stop hobnobbing with Peter Obi and his ilk, unless he has chosen to follow him to Labour Party. He should reach out to the true “owners” of the party in the state. Their structures in Anambra PDP are too formidable, making them equally too strong to be pushed aside, especially by new entrants to the party.

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