Thursday, May 19, 2022

Sam Onwuteaka: Time For True Leaders And Not Rulers


Time For True Leaders And Not Rulers.

Our society is messed owing that what we have are rulers and not leaders. A ruler is indifferent about how his subjects fair; his personal interest suffices.

It’s high time we said no to rulers and seek for leaders.

We need leaders with integrity.
Hon. Sam Junior is impeccable with his word, and care about doing the right thing. His actions match his words and is congruent with his values.

We need leaders with positive Attitude.
Hon. Sam always finds a way to solve a problem or overcome a new challenge. He choose to exude the type of attitude that will influence his team in a positive way.

Great leaders have full Passion.
Passion fuels great leaders. It is a never-ending source of energy that separates the doers from the dreamers. It is what initially attracts followers and inspires them.

We need leaders with Vision.
Hon. Sam knows where he is headed and why. He has always got one foot in the future and one in the present. He views his role as manifesting his vision of the future.

We need leaders with Confidence.
Confidence is necessary for staying the course when things get tough. Hon. Sam has an abundance of confidence, without being arrogant. He accepts what he is not good at and also, is self-secured. Sam always surrounds himself with people whose strengths complement his own.

Above all, Hon. Sam Junior is a very loyal gentle man hence, needs our full support to accomplish his ambition.

In fact, kneeling down while greeting or addressing a throng of people is one of his Idiosyncrasies.

Hon. Sam Junior for Senate Anambra North.

I rest my case!

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