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Samuel Nweke Reacts To Assault Allegations Against Him By Titus Akpudo Amid the Ifitedunu PG Crisis

Ifitedunu, Anambra State – Chief Samuel Nweke, the immediate past President General and current Chairman of Ifitedunu’s Board of Trustees, has denied the accusation of assaulting the former President General of Ifitedunu, Mr. Uchenna Nwoye. The accusation was published by Mr. Titus Akpudo and attributed to Mr. Micheal Nweke Okechukwu, who is purportedly the PA to the Commissioner for Chieftaincy and Community Matters, Hon Tony Collins Nwabunwanne.

According to Mr. Titus Akpudo, who went to the government house with his ASATU co-travelers to inform the Commissioner for Chieftaincy and Community Matters, Tony Collins Nwabunwanne, that Chief Samuel Nweke, alongside Chief Vincent Udobi, attacked Mr. Uchenna Nwoye Oragwuncha, the former PG of Ifitedunu.

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In response, Chief Samuel Nweke expressed shock and disappointment that Mr. Akpudo, whom he calls his friend, would involve him in the PG crisis of Ifitedunu. He clarified that the confrontation at Nkwo Market resulted from the community’s concern about a project being erected without their general assembly’s consent.

Chief Nweke also alleged that Mr. Uchenna Nwoye’s armed thugs were responsible for initiating the violence during the confrontation at Nkwo Market. He stated that he is not surprised that his thugs are there, as he has always used them. These are the same thugs he employed in 2021 to attack the Ifitedunu youths, causing numerous injuries by using matches to cut and amputate some of them. He criticized Mr. Akpudo for not investigating the matter before making public accusations, hinting at bias due to his friendship with Mr. Nwoye.

Moreover, Chief Nweke advised Mr. Akpudo and his associates to address their town’s issues before interfering in Ifitedunu matters, emphasizing that the community should be allowed to settle their internal affairs.

Furthermore, Chief Samuel Nweke emphasizes that Titus Akpudo, hiding under ASATU, is causing unrest not only in Ifitedunu but also in multiple communities in Anambra State. Just as he has destroyed his own town, Eziowelle, where he remains the Life President General (referred to as ‘PG Okputorokpu’ in Igbo) without anyone questioning him, he is also backing his friend, Uchenna Nwoye, to do the same thing in Ifitedunu. He claims Mr. Uchenna is an ex-convict with a criminal record, and highlighted the community’s constitution, which prohibits a convict from becoming the president general of Ifitedunu.

In conclusion, Chief Nweke expressed gratitude to the executive governor of Anambra state, Professor Chukwuma Soludo, for his excellent work in the state, stating that the people of Ifitedunu fully support him.

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