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Scandal and Court Proceedings in Perceived Simultaneity? YES DADDY!

By Nkem Alu

It remains a marvel why the APC and INEC are so rattled up that Peter Obi is in court, as they ordered him to do. Why the current restlessness among those who claim to have won the February 25 presidential elections? After some failed attempts, yet, the ostrich cannot hide its entire body in the sand of this acrimony. Quote me, someone is guilty of something!

Yes Daddy!
Yes Daddy!

When Peter Obi visited Muslim clerics during his campaign, no one raised brows, even in El-Rufai’s Kaduna. But an alleged phone chat with a real Christian Bishop, not one manufactured by Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu for assuaging feelings, following his Muslim-Muslim ticket imbroglio, has been rewired Red!

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And with the nation’s most prolific liar -the “Liar” Mohammed, now resurrecting after a period of intra-party suppression, to accuse Peter Obi of treason, it’s clear that the wagoners want the court proceedings to go simultaneously with a litany of scandals. May I remind them that Obi never campaigned on ethnicity and religion. All the APC lieutenants of mischief should find ‘better’ diversionary tricks to try. Is Peter Obi coming? Yes Daddy!



Nkem writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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