Senator Shehu Sani Urges New Administration to Focus on Key Areas for Economic Recovery

In a recent keynote speech at the third edition of the Double Diamond Empowerment Initiative in Lagos, Senator Shehu Sani emphasized the need for the new administration to prioritize industry, agriculture, and security as crucial elements in reviving the nation’s struggling economy.

Themed “Holistic Approach Towards Nation’s Rebirth,” the event aimed to address leadership challenges in Africa and recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to society in various fields.

During his speech, Senator Sani highlighted five critical issues that the new administration should address with utmost seriousness and priority. Firstly, he stressed the urgency of reinforcing and strengthening national unity, as the current state of the country has left the spirit of the people at an all-time low.

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Secondly, the Senator called for a comprehensive approach to national security, recognizing the importance of safeguarding the nation from threats and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

He further emphasized the dire state of the economy, attributing the lack of economic vision and direction in the past eight years to the country’s enduring economic problems. Senator Sani urged the new administration to make decisive decisions and set clear timelines to address these economic challenges effectively.

In conclusion, the Senator’s speech shed light on crucial areas that require immediate attention from the new administration. It serves as a call to action for the government to prioritize unity, security, and the revitalization of the economy for the nation’s overall progress and prosperity.

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