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Shedding Light on Peyronie’s Disease: The Treatable Male Sexual Deformity That Conceals its Wrath

Millions of men endure unspeakable agony as a result of Peyronie’s disease, a terrible condition that causes penile deformity, painful erections, and erectile dysfunction. 

The condition, caused by build-up of plaque, causes the genitalia of the patient to bend to varied degrees and is typically brought on by recurrent micro-injuries sustained during intercourse, masturbation, or exercise.

But those who are affected by this disorder never discuss it and refuse medical attention; many even develop despair and feel disfigured as a result. However, the issue can be treated with surgery and treatments.

What happens is that the two columns of spongy tissue on either side of the penis swell and fill with blood during an erection in men.But in cases where the penis has sustained an injury, such as through sex or vigorous masturbation, the healing process may have caused a plaque to form in the fibrous covering surrounding the columns. 

This causes the penis to start to bend at angles up to 180 degrees when erect or flaccid. According to the experts, when someone sustains an injury to the penis, it is important to visit the hospital immediately to help avoid issues such as Peyronie’s disease.

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They explain that the disease has two phases. During the active phase, which can last for up to a year, the scar tissue is still forming and the penis is becoming gradually more curved. Men may also experience pain. At this point, there is little point in carrying out treatment because the penis will continue to curve and more will be needed. But in the passive phase, which follows, the penis stops continuing to curve and there is no change. The main may also disappear.

“There is an active phase for 12 months and in that 12 months it is the 15, 40, and 45 rule. Of all the men, 15 percent will just get better. Forty percent will stay the same. And 45 percent of patients will get worse. Because of this, you have to tell patients, look I am not going to operate on you because if I operate on you and you are the 45 percent that gets worse I will have to operate again.”

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Doctors can treat the condition through an injection of an enzyme called collagenase into the plaque, which can break it up and help straighten the penis. Patients could also receive surgery, where stitches are put into the opposite side of the penis to the plaque or the plaque is cut out.

According to a research in the Journal of Sexual Medicine from 2021, 27% of the affected men exhibited clinical depression. It was discovered that single guys were more vulnerable.

Men with the illness were more likely to experience despair and anxiety, according to another study from the same year that was published in the Journal of Men’s Health.

Because they worry about having sex with others, men with the disorder may experience sadness. Due to worries about how others will react to their penis and if they will be able to have sex with their spouse, they also have a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

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