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Shehu Sani Raises Alarms Over Tinubu’s Future in Court Proceedings

Shehu Sani, a prominent socio-political activist, has expressed his concerns about President Bola Tinubu’s future if he were to lose the Presidential election petition. Sani warned that facing an influential figure in Kaduna State would pose a significant challenge for Tinubu, leaving his fate in the hands of a higher power.

Taking to Twitter, the former Senator representing Kaduna Central, stated that the opposition would extend their congratulations to Tinubu if he emerged victorious in the presidential election. However, Sani acknowledged that the response might differ if the court ruled against Tinubu, potentially resulting in a different outcome.

Sani remarked, “In the event that the court rules in favor of Tinubu and his victory is affirmed, the opposition may offer congratulations or express their disagreement with the ruling before moving forward.” He added, “However, if the court rules against Tinubu, and he is unable to secure the presidency, his fortunes may be determined by divine intervention to safeguard him from the criticism of the former Kaduna emperor and his forthcoming book titled ‘How We Supported Him and He Betrayed Us.'”

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