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Shocking Discovery: Human Private Part Found in Plate of Soup at Alaba International Market

A bizarre incident unfolded at Alaba International Market in Ojo, Lagos, on Friday when a customer made a shocking discovery of a human private part in her plate of soup purchased from a food vendor at GBO Plaza within the market premises. The gruesome finding led to pandemonium as traders and customers rushed to witness the unsettling scene.

The middle-aged woman, identified as Ebere, was reportedly enjoying her meal when she noticed a piece of meat in her plate resembling a male child’s private part. Alarmed by the sight, she raised an outcry, and fellow traders confirmed that the meat indeed appeared to be human flesh.

The shocking revelation sparked outrage among traders, with some claiming they had unknowingly consumed similar meat in the past, mistaking it for regular meat. The food vendor, who protested her innocence, stated that she bought the meat from a regular supplier in the market.

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The situation threatened to escalate into a crisis, but market leaders intervened, calling for caution and promising a thorough investigation into the matter. The incident was reported to the police, and they assured that they would conduct a proper investigation once an official complaint was filed.

As of the latest update, the food vendor has reportedly disappeared from the market, and the police are yet to receive an official report on the matter. Market authorities are working to identify the meat seller from whom the vendor purchased the suspicious meat.

The shocking discovery has left the traders and customers in distress, awaiting further updates on the investigation and potential legal actions against those responsible for selling the alleged human flesh as food.

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