Sunday, August 14, 2022

Soludo Should Return Boys Oye And Bakasi Boys In Anambra [OPINION]


it’s obvious Simon Ekpa have declared war on Anambra state under whoever payroll he is because I’m definitely sure the bastard is on payroll by some dubious bastards who their mission I’m yet to understand.
it’s time for Soludo to man up as the CSO of Anambra state and wipe out these bastards forever.

I hereby as a full Anambrarian suggest the following 3 Methods to Soludo.

  1. Bounty methods: this has proven to work countless times.
    there’s nothing too much to offer for peace.
    bounty method is the major method Wike is using to catch any criminal he wants
    all he needs to do is to place a huge amount of bounty on your head and that’s all.
    country hard and everybody is looking for a way to cash out.
    trust me if 100 million Naira bounty is placed on Ekpa head, he’ll be paranoid and will not even trust his wife (if any)
    it’ll psychologically disorganize him because everybody will be suspect.
    just promise that on a successful capture of him the money will be paid to the bounty hunter in the most anonymous way.
    trust me a 100 million Naira bounty on Ekpa will only take few weeks to be achieved.
    that method will be only used on their top men who coordinates and organize the foot soldiers.
    this will make them go into hiding and disorganize their plots because there be no more trust among them.

2 The boys oye method (mobilizing brave youths) : The non indomie generation from SE Anambra precisely (onitsha and environs) should recall how arm robbers used to terrorize people in onitsha and environs in late 90s and early 2000s
let me not go into details but those around 1997-1999 should recall how arm robbers where so bold that they’ll inform you the day they’ll come and trust me, they’ll come that day and woe betide you if you try anything funny na straight death.
during that time Onitsha used to be a ghost city at 6pm, people abandoned their homes to sleep in the church and so many terror.
it came to a point where the governor then (Mbadinuju) in collaboration of traditional rulers formed a kind of mob of brave youths popularly called boys oye.
what they do is to fish out those criminals and give them jungle justice immediately.
that reduced the crime because the locals knows who is who. every youth in Anambra should rise up let’s fight these bastards.
let’s fish them out.
they’re in our forests let’s hunt them like wild animals.

  1. Forming a special task force (a bakassi boys type)

When thing went out of hand, mbadinuju brought in bakasi boys and we all know the story well.
Soludo should set up a special vigilantees across the state.
let them mount in the forests and lay ambush against these criminals.
this bastards are hiding under the biafra struggle to carry out their crimes.
it’s time to ruthlessly deal with them.
Soludo should do a special budget for this, arm, fund them well.
they should be deadly and ruthless.
they’ll only have one job and that’s to hunt down Ekpa men.

while using the bounty method on their leaders and top commanders, ruthless methods should be used on their foot soldiers.

negotiations are over
time to get bloody.

I hope this reaches the government of Anambra ears.

ndị Anambra ekenekwaa m unu.

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