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Soludo’s Second Life Finds Expression in Ray Echebiri’s Thoughts

The Chroniclers have started shaping history for generations to come. Ray Echebiri has done his beat in this fine piece of literature that will be birthed in the Market on the 6th of July, 2024.

It is about the Legendary Chukwuma Charles Soludo CFR whose historic consolidation and recaptilisation of the Nigeria banking system within an unprecedented 18 months has remained a sentinel indicator of how public policy can be implemented on time and to precision. As a teenager in the late 90s the Nigeria “Wonder Banks” were a phenomenon almost defined as intractable or, at best, a part of Nigeria’s normalized misfortune people prayed not to encounter.

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Soludo’s ingenuity and sheer resilience redefined this ugly trend. So much so that in 18 months 89 rickety banks evolved into 25 virile financial institutions, many of which have become multinational, and continental brands. A child born in the early 2000s and even now, may never under this fact, as Soludo’s efforts in his “second life” have birthed a new order of stability, competitiveness and innovation in the Nigeria banking industry.

Same Soludo in promising ndi Anambra “a liveable and prosperous homeland” stated that he is laying the foundation that will ensure that no child born today in Anambra will have any compelling reason to leave the shores of the State to seek a better life outside.

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I believe him!

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