Supreme Court Resolves Police Recruitment Dispute: PSC Vindicated as Sole Authority

After a prolonged tussle between the Police Force headquarters and the Police Service Commission (PSC) over recruitment jurisdiction, the Supreme Court has finally put the matter to rest. In a landmark ruling, the court declared that the responsibility for recruiting personnel into the police force falls under the purview of the Police Service Commission.

Dr. Solomon Arase, the retired Chairman of the PSC, hailed the judgment as a significant step towards national security enhancement. He emphasized that the ruling solidifies a win-win resolution for both institutions, recognizing that their effective functioning and mandate fulfillment are contingent upon mutual collaboration.

In a statement released yesterday by the PSC spokesperson, Ikechukwu Ani, the Supreme Court’s decision was highlighted as a conclusive answer to the long-standing dispute. The court unequivocally affirmed the Police Service Commission’s statutory role in recruiting Constables for the Nigeria Police.

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Ani further noted that prior to the judgment, efforts were already underway to amicably address the contentious issue between the two entities. The legal conflict, which had caused embarrassment to the government and stakeholders, was viewed as unnecessary given the collaborative nature that should define the relationship between these essential institutions.

The judgment’s primary objective was to safeguard national security interests, underscoring the imperative need for harmonious cooperation and mutual trust among government agencies. Arase, acknowledging the negative impact of the unnecessary conflict on the staff and officers of both entities, highlighted the necessity for a peaceful and collaborative way forward.

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To move ahead, Arase announced the establishment of a Recruitment Board chaired by the Police Service Commission. Comprising relevant stakeholders, the Board will ensure the meticulous screening of qualified candidates to be recruited into the Nigeria Police Force, in line with the principles of federal character.

Arase emphasized that peace and harmony between the two institutions are of paramount importance in contemporary security provisioning. He asserted that the evolving trust, confidence, and mutual respect must continue to be nurtured to bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of the Nigeria Police Force.

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