The Compelling story of a young billionaire, Chidi Ajaere, CEO GIG Group

Chidi Ajaere, CEO GIG Group

Chidi Ajaere’s Inspiring Journey: GIG Group’s Rise from Adversity to Technological Success

In 1998, God is Good Motors emerged as a vision of premium bus services across Nigerian cities, founded by Mr. Edwin Ajaere from Isu LGA, Imo state. Tragically, in 2009, Edwin was kidnapped and killed, leaving his 21-year-old son, Chidi Ajaere, to step in and lead the company upon his return from the US.

Chidi’s transformative leadership has propelled GIG Group into a leading, technologically-driven logistics company, diversifying its presence across various sectors of the Nigerian economy. The company’s success today reflects the brilliance and dedication of Chidi Ajaere.

GIG Group, under Chidi’s guidance, aspires to be among Nigeria’s top conglomerates within a decade, aiming to catalyze progress across all aspects of life. The proud legacy left by his parents is mirrored in Chidi’s accomplishments.

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Chidi Ajaere’s strategic vision expanded the GIG Group’s horizons, resulting in the creation of subsidiaries such as GIG Logistics (providing deliveries to the US, UK, China, and West Africa), GIG Motors, Stellas Banking and Finance, Richmondhill Real Estate and Property, Ziuss Energy, Oil & Gas, and the latest addition, GIG Aviation—incorporating two Atr72 cargo aircraft for logistics services.

Today, GIG Group stands as a conglomerate with over 5000 employees, a testament to Chidi Ajaere’s leadership and commitment to transforming logistics in Nigeria.

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