Friday, September 30, 2022

The Legitimate Godfather in Today’s Nigerian Politics


By Madukwe Chigozie Joel

A new kind of Godfatherism has emerged in the Nigerian political landscape. Still, before we expose these Godfathers and how their emergence would impact Nigeria as a nation, I would appreciate we take a look at the existing Godfatherism and its current contribution to our political growth.

Before now, a handful of individuals have been deciding on who takes over the most sensitive political positions in Nigeria; these individuals are either people who have used political positions to strategically build structures that wield unimaginable influence during elections either by intimidation or outright result manipulations to favor their chosen candidate, or individuals who have used government policies to influence the creation or expansion of their business empires, these empires are invested in who becomes the political leaders so as to continue enjoying the leverage and protection they get from the government.

These Godfathers are not philanthropists or patriots who deliver political candidates for better governance, rather they have their personal agenda and expectations that these political beneficiaries of their magnanimity would have to give in return when they assume office.

These political stooges out of desperation agree to terms and conditions, in most cases not knowing how they would paralyze their effectiveness as political leaders. The aspirations of these Godfathers now become their sole objectives leaving the state of the economy to chance. They see these Godfathers as the reason and only reason they take political offices consequently ignoring the cries and suffering of the masses.

The Nigerian citizens have grown to not expect anything from the government, for they have come to understand that whosoever found him/herself in those positions is there for personal gain and not to make life better for them. The misplaced loyalty has been the core reason why the economy of the country remains in ruin because the resources of the nation are equally misplaced in the hand of a few.

A new kind of Godfatherism has been birthed from hardship and total collapse of governance, These Godfathers were the recipients of all ills that emanate from the consequences of the actions of our leaders and the above-described previous Godfathers.

These new Godfathers have seen and tested the consequences of bad governance, the heightened insecurity in the land is felt mostly by them, the high cost of living has left most of them in starvation, and they have lived in ruins as decent access roads remain inaccessible, they can’t be distinguished from the insane persons on the street as they are all covered in rags.

These Godfathers have been ignorant of the unlimited powers, super powers they possess to change their fates in the scheme of things and in matters of their wellbeing.  They have remained elastic in tolerating the ruling class by never complaining or holding the leaders accountable for their actions and inactions. But I think a human being has a breaking point, and this breaking point has given boldness and strength to the real legitimate Godfather.

The level of awareness in recent times amongst the electorates has remained a huge shock to the ruling class who has over time never believed that power resides with the people, and this has guided them to incessantly ignore the yarning of the people. With the current turn of events, our leaders who have over time failed the people would in this forthcoming election feel the wrath of the people, the Legitimate Godfathers.

As the popular saying goes; Sufferings are Lessons, it has taken years for the common man to realize his position, but what counts most is that this beautiful realization has been achieved and the voice of the people finally would be heard.

From all corners, the cry for voters’ registration could be felt, and the awareness that the permanent voter’s card (PVC) is the only way to make a difference has sent a new hope to the common man. This would really show that power belongs to the people and not a chosen few.

Let us all create more Legitimate Godfathers and take back our nation.

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