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The State Of The Nation: An Assessment The By The Southern People Congress




Nigeria which way forward after her 61st independence celebration, the journey so far, as the Protocol Officer of SPC, Sir. Kingsley Egbunah, observes, that some “Criminal elements” are up to exacerbating to criminals IPOB as some protagonist in the Eastern part of Nigeria are capable of audaciously doing in disregard to IPOB.

While a top member of SPC Mr. Afolabi Remi beliefs that with the ways some of the Governors conducts themselves are horrendous that we’re better off staying with Nigeria than agitating to go our separate ways, the secretary general of the Congress, Mr. Wale Abideen in his contributions, feels he does not belief in secession, but however prefers restructuring or true federalism that will empower the states to control their resources and contribute their quota to the Federal Government, who then manages the Armed Forces, Foreign Affairs related, and few other agencies.

Sir. Egbunah again vehemently beliefs that the Southern Region “last option” is secession, but wondered if the North will consent to the allusion, submitting that, secession is the by-product of nepotism, injustices, highhandedness, demagogy, man-in-humanity-to-man etc., while Mr. Abideen pointed out that “No region is willing to secede” And his thoughts are “most of the agitators are just tediously absurd as they cannot stand the taste of time” his points were agreed upon by Mr. Remi.

Mr. Abideen again wondered who the agitators are. “When each region has representatives in the national assembly that can sponsor bills for referendum over secession, but cannot apply such instead some idle youths embark on killings and needless protest”

In another report by online daily news, our attention was drawn to a speech credited to a former military head of state, General Abdulsalami Abubakar retired, saying “Only equity and justice can silence secessionist agitators” very strong words! And another quote from world famous philosopher says “I would rather fail with honey than succeed by fraud” two direct opposite feelings of life, leaves us with so many worries and wishy-washy, if our nation is on the right orbit precipice with rudderless or we need to have a break somehow to reappraise ourselves again!

A BOT member of SPC, Chief Oloye Adeniyi, in his contributions beliefs that restructuring of Nigeria is actualistic, while Mr. Enobong Oton an active member of the congress, gave a crescendo of what a restructured Nigeria would look like, he allude that the structural issues are important but will not stop a hard working leader from performing, his thoughts are “It is only a Lazy” often blames his tools not his attitude for his ineptitude, he also took a swipe at some Governors and their local government counterparts who knows that the current structure won’t allow them to perform, should not have aspired for the office they held in the first instance, as he beliefs, fixing the electoral process is absolute, then restructuring can be done incrementally via court process an constitutional amendments.

Chief Adeniyi again, pointed out some resolutions and position taken by some notable Southern statesmen, “Until we realized that most of those opportune to be in leadership positions are not lazy but selfish and do not appreciate that the essence of life which is service to humanity

He said that, the politicians hurriedly took advantage of every loop in the constitution to oppress and exploit the obedience, to law order to the extent that almost every public/civil servant becomes a bandit or sponsor of banditry. More so bandits and terrorists are now seen by some elites in the north as doing business.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to block all loop holes so that we know dearly the responsibility of each tiers of government with a view to stop passing blames as the real criminals shall be exposed. In his curiosity the President of SPC, Hon. George Wilson applauded the submission of Chief Adeniyi, but wondered if the loop holes can be blocked as earlier mentioned, Mr. Enobong throw more weight to as he suggested “By encouraging whistle blowers protection and compensation package as well as encouraging the civil servants to speak out and report infractions. Chief Oloye again explained some methodology in blocking the loop holes, he suggested “Through devolution of “SECURITY AND ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT” and insists that once we know that our local government has constitutional responsibilities to do certain things, we hold them responsible, ditto the state and the Federal Government.

Unlike presently where the Governors are the Chief Security Officers of their various states without the control of the Police. Research has proven that the ambiguity is the initial cause of boko haram.

Chief Oloye explained that Lagos State used the Lagos State chapter of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) as thugs for election and roadside revenue generation, it is continuous so no problems, and also where used to blackmail the #Endsars protesters.
Also the South South Governors used the Niger Delta volunteer force IJN and other armed groups to agitate for resource control and electoral management, until they were given amnesty, while the North East Governors used boko haram to win election but refused to compensate them sustainably like Lagos and the South South Governors, pronto agitated to the banditry, kidnapping and massive insecurity problems we have today. Little wonder, Gumi said without fear of contradiction that the so called bandits are doing business.

In summary, there are this strong allusions that all the state governors have illegal thugs used for clandestine activities instead of being in charge of official security systems that could be identified in case of extra judicial activities that has been bedeviled the nation.

The President, insists that we have a lot in our hands to deal with as he also noticed that the elites and the political class has not helped matters in any way, it was generally believed that the political class and the elites our the root cause of our infernal situation!

And our duty is to mobilize the critical mass against their usual stomach infrastructure designs as election approaches, it is the belief that our politicians must be compelled to address the rejection of election voting, insecurity of life and property, poverty and unemployment, lack of access to education, health and other social services, infrastructural decay, control of national economy by the imperialism.

Political parties should make a sound commitment to the observance of human rights and the fundamentals objectives in the constitution!

Everybody who is oppress or feel oppressed as a people should stand up and get involved in 2023 election and in the affairs of the country.

The workers, our religious bodies, the youths and “All patriotic forces should get organized to end bad leadership” It is highly worrisome and disturbing to note that our politicians have “Impoverish” us so much that the patriots cant join politics because of “hugs” dough involved, as some agrees that the masses are in “cage”

However Mr. Afolabi, out rightly submitted that “We understand their games, we know their gimmicks, but their games and gimmick will no longer STOP the movement of the people who are oppressed from fighting the cause that we thought is just and right.

However, the entire members of the congress, beliefs that the country is not as bad as it is being painted “Though in life, successful people are determined people,” those who weather the storm, not minding whose ox is gored, agreed, but at the same time, another set of successful people are “environmental friendly atmosphere that triggered their success for instance, while some people wait and see “darkness everywhere Some “die-hards” see light at the end of the tunnel.

So as you make your bed, so shall you lie on it, however in the midst of urgency try to live up to the expectations of the masses, whose “mandate” they enjoy.

As expected, wonderful, the same Nigeria that is providing succor for Chinese, Indians and Lebanese citizens to build multi billion dollars businesses is inhospitable for Nigerians themselves. Many of us only see hurdles, setbacks and frustrations but others have turned those situations into opportunities.

Nigerian Government at all levels cannot guarantee employment, so the belief is that all the regions should build their own heavens

In conclusions, congress again retreated that the masses have a role to contribute in repositioning of the Nation, and just as the blame games continues, we should take an holistic appraisals about our look warmness as we, being a major stakeholders in that perspectives, we find it hard to take the blames rather we tend to pass it forward, otherwise, how can a man wants to be a monopoly of knowledge?

He produces his goods and gets patronages from his fellow county man, rather than improving and adding values or producing best quality standards, he tries to short change his customers by reducing the standards of his products and before you know it, he increases his prices arbitrary without due considerations, what so ever, he sees his business as an opportunity to milk his fellow countryman, rather than adding to Nation building, he short changes the society with unnecessary excuses.
Whereas in other developing countries, the prices of goods/commodities remains the same and values are been upheld with high standards, while incentives, discounts and promo/gifts are been given for patronage, the government encourages small and medium scale businesses, while over here, all that our government does is to lockup shops, multiple taxations, trade permits, federal and state inland revenues, radio and television permits, advertisement permits and unnecessary bottlenecks that can be too difficult for an average businessman to strive in business.

The cost of setting up and the cost of sustaining the business are unbearable. The banks on their own will never assist you for loan but ones the business starts growing; they will be the first to visiting you with all kinds of banking products. It is only the high and mighty and the highly placed individuals that gets assistance from the banks as the country is designed in such a way that only the rich get richer. As for an average civil servant, their take home salaries cannot even take them to the nearest bus stop, theirs is as good as not even going to work because the minimum wage is not even up to what their bosses spend for breakfast on daily bases!

The policies of this government are far, from the reach of the common man, in other world’s the masses has been the victims of all governments’ policies. If, and only they can provide the basics that can take home the common man, the narratives will change, as statistics shows that an average Nigerians performs well outside its shores.

We appeal to the Government to address the issues affecting the country with special attention to plights of the masses; the cost of living is arbitrary too high. A sixty-one years old adult needs the best from his country!

Hon. George Wilson

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