Tourism Development And Internationalization Of Tourist Spots And Centers Is One Of My Blueprint Agenda For Anambrarians – Hon Sir Azuka Okwuosa


…I will develop the tourist sector, make it attractive and integrate it as means of revenue generation

By: George Aniebonam

Anambra state has great tourism potentials yet to be harvested and harnessed by previous government.
The importance, effect and presence of tourism is quite edifying, adventurous and thrilling for tourist, visitors and foreigners looking for good sight scenarios.

Previous government in the past, refused to explore tourism sector, either because of lack of interest, negligence, lackadaisical attitude and so on.

The incoming administrative dispensation of Hon sir Azuka Okwuosa has lots of agenda and lay down blueprint for harnessing of tourism sector, of which these things will be possible once his given a chance and mandate to pilot the administrative affairs of the state come November 6th 2021.


1. Tourism Development:

Zukky’s administration will set up tourism development fund by issuing out grants to tourist developers and operators in the state to create room for development of tourist centers.

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2. Nollywood Development:

Zukky’s administration will ensure and see to Nollywood Development by establishment of film villages and film institution for Nollywood producers, actors and actresses in Anambra state.
The film village and institution will as well empower and nurture young stars and young talents in bringing out the potentials in them.

Secondly, the establishment of the film village will attract foreigners and other African countries to shoot their movies, documentary, advertisement and short videos as done in South Africa.

Thirdly, Zukky’s administration will make funds available in form of grants to empower and encourage our movie producers in producing of quality movies and cost-efficient leverage on movie production.

3. Internationalization of festivities:

Zukky’s administration will develop and market our cultural festivals like; new yam festivals, masquerade festivals and so on to the world in such a way it will attract tourist developers and investors into the state.

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Our local tourist spots and venues will be developed and marketed to suit international standard and repute.

4. Establishment of zoological parks and botanical gardens:

Zukky’s administration will develop and establish parks and gardens for sight seeing thereby attracting tourist, developers and investors into Anambra state on regular basis.

5. Introduction and establishment of diaspora village:

Zukky’s administration will develop and establish diaspora village for Anambrarians that might desire to relocate home from diaspora for easy settlement.


George Aniebonam
Writer, Public affairs analyst, Educationist and administrator

DISCLAIMER: Opinion articles are solely the responsibility of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers of Daily News Reporters


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