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Tragedy Strikes as Seplat Energy Plc’s ‘Majestic’ Oil Rig Collapses Near Ovhor, Delta State

In a somber announcement, Seplat Energy Plc has confirmed the loss of one life in the wake of the collapse of its offshore oil rig, ‘Majestic,’ situated near Ovhor in Delta State. The devastating incident unfolded in the early hours of Tuesday morning, sending shockwaves through the oil industry.

The company released an official statement via its formerly known Twitter handle, now referred to as X, expressing deep regret over the unfortunate turn of events. According to the statement, the drilling rig was en route to its designated drilling site in Ovhor, Delta State, when the catastrophic collapse occurred.

Of the 96-member crew onboard the ill-fated rig, Seplat Energy has reported that 92 individuals have been successfully accounted for and are out of harm’s way. However, amidst the relief of many being found safe, the tragedy remains palpable as three crew members are still unaccounted for, leaving their fate uncertain.

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The incident underscores the inherent risks associated with offshore drilling operations and serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by those who work tirelessly in the oil and gas sector. Seplat Energy, a key operator in the SEPLAT/NNPCL joint venture, is now facing the aftermath of this heart-wrenching incident, as investigations and efforts to locate the missing crew members continue.

As the industry and local communities grapple with this tragic event, questions arise about safety measures, protocols, and the future of offshore drilling operations in the region. The impact of this incident will likely be felt for some time to come, as both the oil company and the larger community come to terms with the profound loss and unanswered questions.

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