US Warns Niger Junta of Potential Military Involvement Amid Constitutional Crisis

In a stark warning, the United States of America has conveyed its readiness to intervene militarily if Niger’s military rulers fail to restore constitutional governance. The caution was articulated by Victoria Nuland, the US acting Deputy Secretary, during a special teleconference briefing on Tuesday, shedding light on the intensifying crisis in Niger.

Nuland stated, “The ongoing developments in the governance situation are multifaceted and dynamic. Our vigilance is unwavering as we closely monitor the evolving landscape.” She emphasized the significance of forthcoming regional gatherings and consultations with allies and partners, underscoring the urgency of the situation.

While acknowledging the US’s preference for diplomatic resolution, Nuland asserted that if pushed, military intervention could become an unfortunate necessity. She urged the Niger junta to exercise prudence and consider the diplomatic option, advocating for a return to constitutional order.

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President Joe Biden has been actively engaged in diplomatic efforts, maintaining continuous communication with various stakeholders. Nuland revealed, “President Biden has maintained consistent communication with President Tinubu of Nigeria, who currently chairs ECOWAS, as well as AU Chairperson Faki and numerous European allies, especially those involved in counterterrorism initiatives in Niger.”

Nuland’s remarks underscore the shared commitment to democratic values and highlight the deep concern over the erosion of democratic norms in Niger. The crisis, which commenced on July 26, has challenged the nation’s democratic fabric and prompted international alarm.

As Niger grapples with the uncertainty surrounding its governance, the international community remains watchful, urging a swift and peaceful resolution to the crisis. The specter of potential military intervention serves as a stark reminder of the gravity of the situation and the imperative to restore constitutional stability.

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