WATCH VIDEO of Sokoto Youths stone, bur*n female student Deborah for alleged blasph€my



This is Deborah Emmanuel a member of Ecwa Church in Sokoto she was stoned to deatth few hours ago by Muslims after they accused her of criticizing their religion.

Deborah Emmanuel

Investigations revealed that she didn’t criticize Islam she only turned down a date by an Hausa Muslim guy who was trying to date her by all means.

I watched the video of how they kept stoning her  until she died and they set her on Fire… chanting allahu Akbar mun kashe ta meaning we have killed her.

They were all celebrating her death,  One of them holding the matches says that he was the one that light the matches.


Can you imagine?

Even if she criticize Islam is it a right thing to stone her to death? I have never seen where a Muslim was set on fire for criticizing Christianity.

This is barbaric and inhumane!!!

CAN have to do something about this matter. How can an innocent girl be killed just like that

Please keep sharing this post until it gets to CAN and relevant authorities

Watch the video here by clicking the link below 👇

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