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When Ekwueme formed G-34 that transformed to PDP, Tinubu was in exile while Obasanjo was in prison


That Igbo man garnered that structure to stop Abacha from transforming from military to civilian president. Amidst their struggle Abacha died and they turned it to a political party…PDP.

Remember that both the Chairman and Secretary of G-34 were Igbo men….Ekwueme and Timothy Nwala.

Also remember that Tim Nwala who happens to be my uncle drafted the PDP Constitution.

That constitution was vivid on the terms that must be fulfilled before anyone could fly the presidential flag of the party.

The constitution had made it mandatory that you must deliver your ward and L.G.A to the party in the Local Government Elections before you can be deemed qualified.

But a Yoruba man, Obasanjo who was in prison when the Igbo man Ekwueme put up that structure was brought out and the military manipulated the whole primaries for him.

Many Igbos were not happy when that happened as some told Ekwueme to go to court and get judgement on the premise that OBJ lost his ward and L.G.A to AD in the 1999 local government elections. But rather than go to court, Ekwueme came home and called us to forget what happened and support Obasanjo….and the game was over.

For this singular reason, Lagos state government hosted Ekwueme’s birthday every year till he died.

Ekwueme told Igbos that for the sake of June 12, Igbos needed to make the necessary sacrifice to pacify our Yoruba brothers and we nodded in agreement. Since then, the Yoruba have also produced the vice president with the help of Igbo men like Chibuike Amaechi, Rochas Okorocha, Chris Ngige, Ogbonnaya Onu, Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba etc who threw in their weight for that project.

Flip back and forth on everything that happened during the war.

Remember the 3 R agreement that was never  kept.

If the Yoruba could be pacified because of June 12,  will it not be fair that the Yoruba should remember even worse things that happened to the Igbo and consider pacifying them?

Ok, lets keep the war behind as you would always want us to.

What of the love we have shown you since 1999?

Should we also put that behind us?

Many of you argue that Igbos have no right to ask for their mandate in APC because according you, APC is more of a Yoruba party.

Now may I also ask you what business had Obasanjo ( a Yoruba) flying the presidential ticket of a party that was solely put together by Igbo men?

A little retrospect into these details would give any discerning mind a clear view on why the Yoruba must support Igbo presidency this time.

Well we have a choice to either put these things into consideration or throw them to the wind.

The Igbo man is ever ready to play politics of national integration but it must not be always on whims and caprices of other tribes.


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