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WHO Reports Nearly 1.5 Million New COVID-19 Cases and Over 2500 Deaths in Last 28 Days

The latest Weekly Epidemiological Update published by the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday painted a sobering picture of the global COVID-19 landscape. In the span of 28 days, from 10 July to 6 August 2023, a staggering 1.5 million new COVID-19 cases were documented along with a grim tally of over 2500 deaths.

This recent data reveals a marked increase of 80% in reported cases while simultaneously indicating a 57% decrease in reported deaths when contrasted with the preceding 28-day period.

While a number of WHO regions exhibited a decline in both case counts and fatalities, the Western Pacific Region stood out with an upward trajectory in cases and a notable decrease in reported deaths. The report underscores the complexities and variations that continue to characterize the global pandemic.

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As of August 6, 2023, the cumulative global figures for confirmed cases reached a staggering 769 million, with a tragic toll of over 6.9 million recorded deaths. However, the report issues a caveat regarding the accuracy of reported cases, emphasizing the challenges posed by reduced testing and reporting activities on a global scale.

Throughout this 28-day period, 44% (103 out of 234) of countries contributed to the WHO’s database by reporting at least one case, marking a decline from previous months and reflecting a trend that has persisted since mid-2022.

Beyond case counts and fatality statistics, the Weekly COVID-19 epidemiological update delves into the global and regional implications of hospitalizations and ICU admissions. The update also offers insights into the ongoing monitoring and assessment of SARS-CoV-2 variants of interest (VOI) and variants under monitoring (VUM), elucidating the evolving nature of the virus.

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As nations grapple with the ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19, the WHO’s regular updates serve as a vital source of information, guiding public health efforts and fostering a deeper understanding of the virus’s impact on a global scale.

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