Thursday, July 7, 2022

“Why Do People Who Appear On Your Show Always Die?” – Dr Ofoegbu Attacks Simon Ekpa


Dr Nelly Ofoegbu was the asset recovery officer of the Indigenous People of Biafra (Ipob). She was their main fundraiser in the United States. However, in 2021, she and Simon Ekpa rebelled against the leadership of the Directorate of State (DOS) because they believed that the members of the DOS were using IPOB to raise money for their own personal use. The DOS therefore sacked both of them.

However, Nelly Ofoegbu and Simon Ekpa also later split because Dr Ofoegbu also accused Simon Ekpa of using his Biafra campaign to defraud Igbos and attempting to replace Nnamdi Kanu as the leader of Ipob. Dr Ofoegbu declared that she no longer believed in Biafra, because it was being used to defraud people and she was now working for the restoration of Idu Kingdom.

Since then Simon Ekpa and Nelly Ofoegbu have been attacking each other across social media. This is Dr Ofoegbu’s latest attack on Mazi Ekpa.

Dr. Nelly IDUU @Nellyego

1. Why do people who come to Simon Ekpa’s program always die within 24-48 hours of their arrival in Nigeria?
2. Why does Simon always get the photos of the killing & dead person within hours of the murder?
3. Is Simon Ekpa conducting DATA HARVESTING for the Nigerian government??

She posted a photo of someone that appeared on Simon Ekpa’s YouTube show and then she posted a picture of the same person’s corpse. The picture of the corpse is too graphic for me to post here, but you can see it by clicking on this link.

Dr. Nelly IDUU @Nellyego

OBINNA EGWIN of Aba is not an ESN commander. He is not a volunteer, he is not a member of the security team. He is a fraudster like his master Simon Ekpa.
Simon brought him & used him to syphon ESN money, tried to hijack ESN & hand them over to the SE politicians for destruction.

Dr. Nelly IDUU @Nellyego

BIAFRA IS A MERCHANDISE. Simon Ekpa, I would rather fast & pray for 1 month, to have the sister of MNK, in Germany take over the leadership of this merchandise, rather than you take over from MNK. At least I remember how she helped her mother rescue our men during crisis.

Dr. Nelly IDUU @Nellyego

Simon, very soon you and Obinna will tell the world what happened to POINT ONE & I will tell the world how you people tried to use him to blackmail me into giving in to your evil plans against MNK. I’m always a 1000 steps ahead, very soon you will find out what I meant.

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