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Why Eleodimuo Is APGA’s Best Choice For Nnewi North/South, Ekwusigo Fed. Constituency


Politics is in the air and choices must soon be made for good governance and good representation. The choices confer mandates on elected individuals to govern or to represent their constituencies with compassion and the fear of God. For the good of all, the choices must be made without fear or favour. When such choices are wisely made, in the best interest of all, it unites the people and strengthens their platform. It essentially helps to deliver bloc votes to their party.

However, if the choices are unwisely made, on the parameters of favouritism, to benefit the wrong persons or to deny the right people of what should equitably be theirs, it often triggers dissent or what is popularly known as protest votes. This has been seen at work in many instances, and political parties which should have won certain elections lost out. They did not lose to a better party but lost because they gave out their tickets on the parameters of favouritism and injustice and party members revolted by voting against their own party.

As our great party prepares to nominate flag bearers in coming primary elections, the people of Nnewi North/Nnewi South/Ekwusigo Federal Constituency are hoping that equity and justice will guide delegates to nominate the right person.

Delegates must understand that they have a sacred duty to ensure that APGA wins our constituency in next year’s election. It will not be enough just to vote without deep consideration of fairness. It is more important to vote according to the dictates of equity and good conscience. Equity creates a situation in which everyone and every bloc is treated equally. Equity is a fellowship of fairness which ensures fair judgement in the determination of best interests.

Ours is a three local government constituency and fairness encourages that chances of representation shall rotate equally among the three Council Areas. But the worrisome question is whether there has been fairness in the representation of our constituency? Has the three Council Areas had equal opportunities to represent the constituency? A critical examination of the trend will suggest an entrenched lack of fairness. We appeal to delegates to correct this anomaly as they file out on May 26 to nominate our candidate for next year’s election.

Since the beginning of the Fourth Republic in 1999, only four persons have represented our federal constituency. The first was B. M. Etobi from Oraifite in Ekwusigo LGA, 1999 – 2003; he was succeeded by Harry Oranezi from Ukpor in Nnewi South, 2003 – 2007; Oranezi was succeeded by his town’s man, C. I. D. Maduabum, 2007 – 2011; from 2011 till date, 12 unbroken years next year, Maduabum’s successor, Chris Azubogu has bestrode the Green Chambers like a colossus.

Presently, there are three major aspirants in our party jostling to represent us in the Green Chambers. One of them is from Nnewi North, one is from Nnewi South and the other is from Ekwusigo. Our delegates must activate their good senses of rational and equitable judgement in order to ensure inclusiveness and equitable rotation of representation. This will in turn ensure fairness and APGA’s best chance of winning our constituency in next year’s election.

The mere thought of another person from Nnewi North aspiring to represent the constituency after his brother has occupied and is still occupying the position for twelve unbroken years is repulsive and repugnant to equity, good conscience and natural justice. It is offensive and disrespectful and delegates must rise above banal considerations to hold that another person from Nnewi North cannot so soon aspire for the office.

The same will be said about the aspirant from Nnewi South. After Oranezi and Maduabum from the same Nnewi South, it does appear to soon and overtly ambitious for someone from Nnewi South to aspire to represent our constituency when others have not had the same opportunity. Fairness demands equitable distribution of opportunities among different blocs in a constituency and we hope that our delegates will bear this in mind and ensure equitable rotation of opportunities.

For these reasons and more, we hold that the best choice for delegates to make is the aspirant from Ekwusigo LGA, Mr. Clement Uchenna Eleodimuo. His nomination will reflect fairness because Ekwusigo is the only local government in the constituency that is yet to occupy the position since 2003. Eleodimuo’s nomination will carry the people of Ekwusigo along in the spirit of ONYE AGHANA NWANNE YA.


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