Thursday, July 7, 2022

Why Political Parties Fail Elections In Nigeria – Tai Emeka Obasi


The reason I insist that I am not and will never become a politician is how a practising politician behaves. The first, second and third things on his mind remain personal interest. “What do I personally benefit from this move?” occupies his mind every moment of the day.

When they struggle to become delegates, it’s never to elect the best aspirant to represent their party, rather it’s all about the opportunity to elect a candidate he/she stands the best chance of benefitting personally from once such candidate gets to power.

That’s why they usually force the wrong candidates on the masses for any general election.

Today, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP is facing a very critical moment in their history. They have to regain power from the All Progressives Congress, APC or it will be another eight years of opposition that would certainly push the party further down the drain.

They have an aspirant that has proved within less than two months of a very robust campaign that the party will stroll into Aso Rock, but interests are making them dilly dally.

Elections are won by numbers and HE Peter Obi has proved that the ordinary voter in the street won’t hesitate to vote for him. No party, especially an opposition party, has been presented with such glaring advantage since independence but the PDP are seemingly allowing the powers they placed on governors to dictate the pace of the coming convention to drown them. They are going towards electing a wrong candidate as powers of money pull the delegates.

The APC are not ready to relinquish power yet and they are waiting to pounce on such wrong move by the major opposition party.

One thing is very clear – Peter Gregory Obi has stirred so much interest and enthusiasm towards 2023 election. The least his teeming supporters deserve is the chance to demonstrate their faith in him with a voting opportunity.

As voices rise on calls for Okwute ndi Igbo to dump the PDP in order to present that significant opportunity, it’s all fingers crossed as time tics.


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