Willie Obiano and his fear of entering the Enugu State Government lodge


By Bonaventure Mokwe-Dikeh

The Chief Priest

Willie, one thing I have come to know in life is that, fear kills more than anything else. Your sudden relocation from the Amawbia government lodge is also traceable to the same nature of fear of being killed. The very situation explains your staying at the Onitsha lodge.

This your sort of fear can only come from our traditional seers or native doctors you associate with. I have absolutely nothing against an individual relying on our traditional spirituality but, very much like the imperial christianity, one must guide against being hooked adversely, especially when one runs into the crooked ones.

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It appears that you have been hooked already. The job man that inculcated the fear in you can now teleguide your activities. The Gods must be appeased before you go to Awka and that comes with some money, the Gods are not happy and must be appeased before you go to Abuja and that again comes with some money, the so so and so person you shook hands with cast a spell on you and the Gods wants your hands to be washed, that again comes with some money.

That is self imprisonment Willie. Shake it off and by the way, whatever happened to the imperial christianity which you profess?

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The more you look, the less you see gentlemen.

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